SparkPeople LIVE! Offers Motivational Meetings Online

The largest online weight loss community is known for having over 11 million members and offering tons of diet and exercise information that users can access for free.

Their new service SparkPeople LIVE! will offer online meetings and motivational support without ever having to leave your home. These online meetings and classes resemble Weight Watchers meetings that take place weekly. Instead of charging a weekly fee which can really add up, SparkPeople LIVE! charges a monthly fee of only $12.99. For many SparkPeople members, it may be difficult to start paying for any type of service when all other information is free, but the added bonus and accountability make it well worth it. The current offer gives you a free month when you pay for the first two.

With SparkPeople LIVE! you will be surrounded by others also trying to achieve their weight loss goals. You will have the convenience of attending meetings around your schedule and from home. You get to participate through audio, video and chat features made available for each class.

This program builds on the belief that you can be empowered when surrounding yourself with the right people. If you are serious about reaching your weight loss goals, this program is one that can be very helpful.

SparkPeople LIVE! hopes to revolutionize the way people lose weight while also offering an affordable and convenient way to get motivational meeting support. Those struggling to reach their weight loss goals can benefit from this program as well as those that just need some extra motivation and support.

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