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Yoga is a great workout for your body and mind. The calming atmosphere of a yoga class helps you relax and focus your mind while the challenging poses build strength, stamina, and endurance. However, going to a private yoga class can make a dent in your pocketbook in a hurry. So, what’s the economically-savvy girl or guy to do? You could buy a yoga DVD and do the same workout, day after day after day, or you could follow along with the podcasts on is taught by Kathryn Budig, a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, CA. These online yoga classes are available for yoga students of all levels and feature various instructions, various sequences, and many different poses. You can watch these videos on the website or download to watch later.

In addition to these podcasts, you can build your own yoga sequences, based on your level. You select the poses in your sequences from the yoga pose index to focus on various yoga aspects, such as an anatomical focus or a therapeutic focus.

Next time that you want to get in a yoga session but don’t want to leave your home or pay for the class, visit for an effective yoga sequence or to customize your own.

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