Foodily Unveils Condition-Specific Recipe Search to Support Food Lovers in Maintaining Good Health

As social networking continues to grow in popularity, food blogs, websites, Facebook groups and other online forums have become important destinations for people dealing with chronic health conditions.

Foodily, the social recipe network that lets you find and share recipes from all corners of the web, is the latest to join the trend. The company recently launched a new site function that allows people to search for and filter recipes that correlate with a specific medical condition, such as diabetes, gout and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD.

“It’s tough enough dealing with a health issue as complicated as diabetes or GERD on a daily basis, but why should that mean that you can’t have a range of healthy recipe options at your fingertips?” said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily. “All of us at Foodily are dedicated to encouraging people to be both healthy and happy with the food on their table.”

This new search advance builds upon Foodily’s proprietary nutrition feature that allows users to search for keywords such as “low-salt” or “high-protein.” Additionally, dieters can access the nutritional content of each recipe based on USDA standard, making it easier for people to reduce calorie and fat intake.

“Moreover, the ability to be social and share recipes on Facebook lets our users tap into their friends and family – as well as others with comparable diet restrictions – for cooking ideas and emotional reinforcement,” said Cutright.

In addition, Foodily has extended its existing partnership with Healthline, a leading health website that helps connect people with health and wellness advice. Foodily powers the sites recipe search and offers a drop-down menu for condition recipes, helping people with restricted diets find healthy recipes that they can safely enjoy.

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