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Try Workouts from Around the World with These International Fitness Trends

Here in the States, we not only like to keep up with the Joneses, but also the Juans in Mexico, the Martins in France, and the Satous in Japan. In other words, we don’t like to be left out or behind even on a global scale.

This is the case with food – whose is better? – and fashion – who looks the best? But it’s also the case with fitness. Just as every other aspect of our lives differs culturally, you can believe that’s the case when it comes to working out, too. Grab your gym-going passport and take a look at what’s popular beyond our borders. You may be inspired to try something new!

walking in spain

The carefree lifestyle of the Spanish seems to translate to their approach to fitness, too. As a whole, they don’t seem to worry themselves too much with getting in to the gym. Their inherent lifestyle does a body good! “The majority of them eat a healthy enough diet (Mediterranean diet at its finest) and walk almost everywhere (if they live in a big city), so obesity isn’t that big of a concern,” said Kelsey Murray, an American teacher who travels to Seville to teach English. They certainly don’t give exercise the chore status that Americans do, as it’s naturally just a part of their lives.

cycling in france

These Euros are also not sweating out their evenings in the gym, rather they prefer to get out en plein air. Translation: They enjoy the outdoors. And why wouldn’t they? Beautiful scenery from nature and architecture provide an inspired background to walk, run, cycle, or even row. Because they are “discreet but effective,” Mireille Guiliano, author of the French Women Don’t Get Fat series of books, told Yahoo! that isometric exercises are very French. With a straight back, contract your abs for 12 seconds, hold, release, and repeat. You can do this on the subway, in your desk chair, in your office, or even at a fancy dinner date. (more…)

Why Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

Author Simon Doonan

UPDATE [1/5/2023]: Watch our hilarious video with Simon Noonan, author of Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

“Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” is the title of an as-of-yet published book by Barneys New York creative ambassador Simon Doonan. The author calls it “a stylishly slimming discourse that proves gay men really ARE French women: prone to disdain, favoring cheeky underwear, convinced of their own artistic brilliance, and (of course) calorie-obsessed.”

The French women reference, and title of his book, are both presumably a reference to the popular diet book “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” which espoused emulating French culinary culture to slim down.

Before we go any further, if Doonan wasn’t himself gay, I think he’d be treading on thin ice, you know, with the whole stereotyping thing. Gays and lesbians, like everyone else in the world, come in all shapes and sizes.

While I’ve had gay friends over the years, it’s difficult for me to speak with any authority about whether or not they are on average less fat than everyone else. (more…)

The Dukan Diet: A Fad Diet Followed by Celebrities

Gisele Bundchen's post-baby body. Image Via UsMagazine.com

The ever-changing world of diets is never boring. Recently, The Dukan Diet, a restrictive fad diet has been attracting attention among celebrities and non-celebs eager to shed pounds quickly, but without ingesting any heart-racing diet pills or elixirs made of cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

Rumored to have followed The Dukan Diet are Gisele Bunchen and Jennifer Lopez following their pregnancies.

So what is this fad diet that started in France all about?

The Dukan Diet was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan about 10 years ago. It is based on a strict diet plan that was initially designed for those who are obese. But the craze has caught on to those just wanting to drop five, 10 or 15 pounds, not 50 or 75 pounds.

It is wildly popular all over Europe and is now spreading to the U.S.


French Women Don’t Get Fat Hits the Silver Screen

Most of us have heard about the uber popular diet book called “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Following suit with over preoccupation with body image, food and beauty, the famous and culture-this very specific guide is going to be made into a movie. Hilary Swank’s production company, 2S Films has just secured the rights to make this book into a movie.hilary swank

For those of you who may not know, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” chronicles the eating, exercising and overall lifestyle of the always well-manicured and perfectly size-4 French women. Written by Mirielle Guiliano, the main message to all of us, um rounder, Americans is to enjoy the foods that we love, but do so only in small quantities. In addition, French women walk more while most of us here on the other side of the ocean lead a much more sedentary life. This additional lifestyle tip encourages us to simply move more with walking being just fine as a quality source of daily exercise.