The Dukan Diet: A Fad Diet Followed by Celebrities

Gisele Bundchen's post-baby body. Image Via

The ever-changing world of diets is never boring. Recently, The Dukan Diet, a restrictive fad diet has been attracting attention among celebrities and non-celebs eager to shed pounds quickly, but without ingesting any heart-racing diet pills or elixirs made of cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

Rumored to have followed The Dukan Diet are Gisele Bunchen and Jennifer Lopez following their pregnancies.

So what is this fad diet that started in France all about?

The Dukan Diet was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan about 10 years ago. It is based on a strict diet plan that was initially designed for those who are obese. But the craze has caught on to those just wanting to drop five, 10 or 15 pounds, not 50 or 75 pounds.

It is wildly popular all over Europe and is now spreading to the U.S. has written an extensive Dukan Diet review. So if you’re interested, definitely check it out.

As a brief overview, The Dukan Diet is a four-phased plan that is meticulously organized so you know exactly what you can eat and what you can’t eat in each phase. The diet claims to put your fat cells in a revolutionary weight loss plan and promises rapid weight loss as a result of its cyclical eating plan that centers around eating only protein during the first “Attack” phase and gradually re-introduces certain carbs into your diet as you progress through the other three stages.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like the Atkins Diet, you are partly right. The Atkins Diet and The Dukan Diet are eerily similar to each other, but with a few differences in the maintenance phases. For instance, in The Dukan Diet’s Consolidation phase, which is the maintenance phase, you have to commit to eating only protein for one day (Thursday is the recommended day) for the rest of your life.

So maybe The Dukan Diet is France’s secret for how they can indulge in cheese, wine, croissants and foie gras and still look impeccably slim? Eat your baguettes and buerre and red wine and Roquefort cheese, but just eat nothing but eggs and steamed salmon chaque jeudi.

Maybe this is the real reason why French women don’t get fat.

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