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Colleen Saidman Debuts Her First Solo Yoga DVD

Just in time for the new year, Gaiam, leading distributor of healthy lifestyle products and media, introduced a new weight loss DVD featuring Colleen Saidman. As the wife of acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee, Saidman is not just a yoga celebrity’s sidekick, she is in her own right a successful yogini, businesswoman, and co-director of Donna Karan’s highly honorable Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program.

Stepping out on her own, “Yoga for Weight Loss” is Saidman’s first solo DVD. Combining muscle toning, core work, flexibility and relaxation techniques, Saidman provides a holistic approach to weight loss and health maintenance.

Understanding that successful weight management is not about deprivation, Saidman states, “Weight loss does not simply occur from eating less and burning more calories; it involves other factors such as proper relaxation.” She believes that a relaxed mind and body contribute to making healthy choices, resulting in better health and weight loss.

Saidman’s choices are certainly not about deprivation. Claiming that the purpose of yoga is to prolong and enjoy life, Saidman also endorses the health benefits of drinking wine and having sex. “There is nothing wrong with having sex and enjoying a glass of wine, particularly Estancia.” Saidman has partnered with Estancia winery to help boost their wine sales. (more…)

Clean it Out With Rodney Yee on GaiamTV’s Salutation Sundays

Spring is a time for renewal. Many health experts suggest taking part in detoxifying cleanses, healthier diets and mind-body exercises that will help to flush and refresh the body for the summer season.

However, spring is also the season of mud, wind, and allergies, and that makes it sometimes difficult to get outdoors in the fresh air.

Thanks to GaiamTV, you don’t have to ditch your spring-cleaning exercise routine because of unappealing weather conditions. Every Sunday, Gaiam presents Salutation Sundays, an online program that offers yoga and fitness videos, delivered straight to you, so you can watch and participate conveniently indoors. Yoga is one of the best ways to prepare the mind and the body for a new season. With its detoxifying and renewing benefits, yoga refreshes and rejuvenates in so many ways, especially in the spring.

This Sunday, Gaiam is featuring yoga master Rodney Yee. Having appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, PBS, and in many other television shows, Yee’s level of professionalism and expertise will certainly not disappoint.

Since taking his first yoga class in 1980, Yee turned a curious need to maintain his flexibility and strength gained from his days as a gymnast and ballet dancer into a full blown career as an esteemed yoga teacher that has allowed him to travel all over the world.


Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

By Jessie Gorges

This Sunday is Mother’s Day so, this year, don’t get caught waiting until the last minute to only buy your mom some half-dead flowers from the drug store.

Candy and jewelry are common gift ideas, but chocolate will only add inches to your mom’s waist, and, with the skyrocketing price in gold, who can afford jewelry? Show Mom how much you love her and how much you care by getting her a gift that will keep her healthy and happy.

Check out these gift ideas that will put Mom on the right track to living an active lifestyle.

Shape-ups ($100): This gift is perfect for the mom who hates, or doesn’t have time, to go to the gym. These tennis shoes, with an elevated sole, promise to tone your muscles by simply walking. Just a 20-minute walk will have her calves tingling from all the toning.


Gaiam’s Wake Up Workout on the OWN Network

Tune in every morning this week to Oprah’s OWN Network and get a energizing jump to the day with Gaiam’s Wake Up Workout.

Every weekday morning at 6 a.m. and at 6:30 a.m. Gaiam, the lifestyle media company that creates and sells scores of yoga and fitness workout DVDs, will feature a 30-minute workout that will kickstart your day in an invigorating and restorative way.

From Rodney Yee’s Ulimate Power Yoga to Patricia Moreno’s Cardio Burn Yoga, each 30-minute session allows you to start your day with a cardio boost and an arsenal of mind-body techniques that will prepare you for the day’s stresses that lie ahead of you.

Here is the line-up for this week: (more…)

Can Yoga Socks Replace Your Yoga Mat?

Image via Gaiam.com

From pricey yoga clothing to custom-made yoga mats, the yoga world is brim with products that are intended to offer you a more comfortable, more fashionable and more flexible journey to enlightenment.

Enter yoga socks, a new creation that marries a regular sock with a yoga mat in order to provide you with a slip-resistant practice experience. Yoga socks are soft ankle socks that are fitted with small rubber pads all along the soles of the feet to prevent you from striking a pose and then slip-sliding your way flat onto your belly.

Plus, the yoga socks are supposed to offer you protection against exposure to foot fungi, which love the hot, humid and sweaty hardwood floors of the yoga practice room.

But do these yoga socks, which can also be used by Pilates practitioners, take the place of a yoga mat? (more…)