Colleen Saidman Debuts Her First Solo Yoga DVD

Just in time for the new year, Gaiam, leading distributor of healthy lifestyle products and media, introduced a new weight loss DVD featuring Colleen Saidman. As the wife of acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee, Saidman is not just a yoga celebrity’s sidekick, she is in her own right a successful yogini, businesswoman, and co-director of Donna Karan’s highly honorable Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program.

Stepping out on her own, “Yoga for Weight Loss” is Saidman’s first solo DVD. Combining muscle toning, core work, flexibility and relaxation techniques, Saidman provides a holistic approach to weight loss and health maintenance.

Understanding that successful weight management is not about deprivation, Saidman states, “Weight loss does not simply occur from eating less and burning more calories; it involves other factors such as proper relaxation.” She believes that a relaxed mind and body contribute to making healthy choices, resulting in better health and weight loss.

Saidman’s choices are certainly not about deprivation. Claiming that the purpose of yoga is to prolong and enjoy life, Saidman also endorses the health benefits of drinking wine and having sex. “There is nothing wrong with having sex and enjoying a glass of wine, particularly Estancia.” Saidman has partnered with Estancia winery to help boost their wine sales.

Adorned in thigh-high, blue suede boots admittedly costing her well over $500, Saidman wants to make sure people know who she is. “People think of yogis living in a cave, celibate, with no worldly pleasure,” she said. “That’s not who we are.” And that is certainly not the image she projects to the world in this new DVD.

Most yogis will agree that a regular yoga program promotes smart choices when it comes to what we eat. Because yoga heightens body awareness, balances emotions, and reduces stress, overeating to combat anxiety becomes much less appealing. The effect of yoga on our desire to shop, drink, and have sex may need a little more investigation.

“Yoga for Weight Loss” has an approximate running time of 60 minutes and is now available in stores nationwide. At a fair price of under $15, about the same as a decent bottle of wine but much less than a pair of thigh-high blue suede boots, you can decide for yourself if yoga will help you lose weight.

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