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20 Ways to Celebrate International Fitness Day

October 16 is International Fitness Day! Join people from around the world celebrating the day dedicated to health, fitness and charitable giving to help end the obesity epidemic. International Fitness Day is designed to encourage everyone to get up, out, and exercise at least 30-minutes that day, doing whatever kind of exercise you enjoy doing, and eat healthy all day long.

Need some ideas of activities you can do to join in the festivities? Try one of these on for size:

International Fitness Day Fights Childhood Obesity

Guest blogger, Dina Skulte

Guest blogger Dina Skulte is a 37-year old mother of two girls who is on a mission to get fit and healthy for herself and her family. She launched Fit for Kids’ Sake in July 2024 and has lost more than 40 pounds with a total target of 70 pounds. She is passionate about health and fitness and helping end obesity around the world by coaching others and offering nutrition and family fitness services. Follow Dina’s journey at Fit For Kids Sake or on Facebook.

The growing obesity epidemic is no secret. And to be frank, the stats are pretty darn scary. I applaud first lady Michelle Obama for taking this issue head on by creating the Let’s Move! campaign and Jamie Oliver for creating the Food Revolution campaign.

However, if America is serious about fixing this growing problem, it’s up to us. It’s up to the parents of America’s youth to become accountable for the health of our children. We need to be our children’s role models, even when it comes to what we put in our mouths and how we treat our bodies. (more…)