20 Ways to Celebrate International Fitness Day

October 16 is International Fitness Day! Join people from around the world celebrating the day dedicated to health, fitness and charitable giving to help end the obesity epidemic. International Fitness Day is designed to encourage everyone to get up, out, and exercise at least 30-minutes that day, doing whatever kind of exercise you enjoy doing, and eat healthy all day long.

Need some ideas of activities you can do to join in the festivities? Try one of these on for size:

  • Go for a walk or run
  • Create a healthy snack area in your pantry
  • Put on a workout video and invite friends over for a workout party
  • Sample two new fruits or vegetables.
  • Play a team sport? Get your team to participate by recognizing the day and raising money for the charity of your choice.
  • Organize a special day at your health club or children’s center with active fun for the entire family
  • Take a tour of a new gym
  • Sign up for a boxing class
  • Dust off your bike and go for a spin around your neighborhood
  • Take a hike in a city park or at the beach
  • Play a game of soccer with your kids
  • Play Wii as a family – compete with teams. The losers buy the winners low-fat frozen yogurt!
  • Fly kites
  • Visit a roller skating rink or an ice skating rink
  • Add up the numbers in your birth year (ex: 1969 = 25) and do that many sets of stairs.
  • Take your kids to the playground and run the circuit with them
  • When was the last time you went swimming? Many community centers have indoor heated pools
  • Play old fashioned outdoor games like freeze tag, foursquare, hopscotch, or Red Light, Green Light with your family – you’ll be surprised at how much fun even older family members will have!
  • Challenge your spouse to a push up/sit up competition. Loser does dishes.

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