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The Bachelor’s Best Bodies Share Their Workout Secrets

The newest season of the Bachelor kicked off this week and with it came a whole new batch sexy women pining for the attention of a very eligible single man. The newest bachelor is Sonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik and he was the runner up for last season’s Bachelorette. Ben, like all of the previous Bachelor contestants, has what one might call a nice body. This brings about the question, what do the contestants on these shows do to achieve such nice physiques?

Previous Bachelor contestants like Jake Pavelka, Jason Mesnick, Brad Womack and Kirk DeWindt have shared their workout secrets. Just in time for the New Year we can take a look at the bodies that have stolen hearts and maybe have our men steal a few of their workout tips. Here’s how past contestants have stayed fit:

Jake Pavelka
Bachelorette season 5, Bachelor season 14

Jake worked with a trainer to get the best possible workout. He works on mainly isometric or biometric moves. This includes a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts, and hurl throws. He also uses medicine balls and does a lot of weighted ab work to build bulk. For his cardio workouts, Jake usually chooses running or football on the beach. Jake was known for his rock hard abs while on the show, so apparently his hard work paid off. In an interview for DietsInReview.com, Jake told us that during his appearance on Dancing With the Stars he was consuming a 3800 calorie diet and still lost 10 pounds. So guys, maybe take your girlfriend up on those dance lessons! (more…)

Dancing With The Stars’ Jake Pavelka Loses 10 Pounds and Has 3,800 Calorie Diet

I attended “Dancing With The Stars” this week to cheer on a good friend of mine, Jake Pavelka. Jake and I were on the same “Bachelorette” show together and became pretty good friends from that experience. He was then asked to be the next “Bachelor” and he blew up from there. I got to chat with Jake for a few minutes after the show and asked how he and Vienna were doing. He replied, “My girlfriend and I; I mean my fiance and I, are great!!” I couldn’t help but chuckle as he is still getting used to the whole situation.

During the last bit of our conversation I asked him how the intensity was during practice and rehearsal. He replied, “Man, it’s tough. I have lost ten pounds thus far while eating a 3,800 calorie diet.” (more…)