The Bachelor’s Best Bodies Share Their Workout Secrets

The newest season of the Bachelor kicked off this week and with it came a whole new batch sexy women pining for the attention of a very eligible single man. The newest bachelor is Sonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik and he was the runner up for last season’s Bachelorette. Ben, like all of the previous Bachelor contestants, has what one might call a nice body. This brings about the question, what do the contestants on these shows do to achieve such nice physiques?

Previous Bachelor contestants like Jake Pavelka, Jason Mesnick, Brad Womack and Kirk DeWindt have shared their workout secrets. Just in time for the New Year we can take a look at the bodies that have stolen hearts and maybe have our men steal a few of their workout tips. Here’s how past contestants have stayed fit:

Jake Pavelka
Bachelorette season 5, Bachelor season 14

Jake worked with a trainer to get the best possible workout. He works on mainly isometric or biometric moves. This includes a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts, and hurl throws. He also uses medicine balls and does a lot of weighted ab work to build bulk. For his cardio workouts, Jake usually chooses running or football on the beach. Jake was known for his rock hard abs while on the show, so apparently his hard work paid off. In an interview for, Jake told us that during his appearance on Dancing With the Stars he was consuming a 3800 calorie diet and still lost 10 pounds. So guys, maybe take your girlfriend up on those dance lessons!

Mathue Johnson
Bachelorette season 5

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Mathue Johnson, a personal trainer known as “Kansas” to the guys competing with him for Jillian Harris’ attention. He was our very first fitness expert here at Mathue’s workouts involve weight training and cardio. “I used to do cardio before my weight training, but have recently switched the two and have had a great deal of success,” he wrote, saying the switch provides greater energy and stamina. He exercises 5-6 days a week for at least an hour, breaking up the different muscle groups on different days.

Jason Mesnick
Bachelorette season 4, Bachelor season 13

Jason Mesnick has always held up exercise as an important part of his life. He has worked out five days per week since the age of 13. His previous workouts would include one hour of cardio and one hour of weights. He recently switched to circuit training because he finds it to be more fun than his old routine. He also has healthy eating habits, although he doesn’t follow a strict diet. He drinks lots of water, eats plenty of vegetables, and believes in moderation for special treat foods.

Brad Womack
Bachelor season 11, 15

Brad made waves with a killer body as well as for being the first bachelor to ever reject both finalists on the final episode of the show. Brad’s workout consists of push-ups, crunches and reverse bicep curls. He also jokes that he worked with a slap trainer to help him dodge slap attempts from contestants during season 15 of the show. Brad eats as clean as possible, eliminating sugar and excess sodium from his diet.

Kirk DeWindt
Bachelorette season 6

Kirk now owns his own personal training business in Minneapolis. He typically works out six to seven days each week and highly recommends juicing. For his workouts, Kirk engages in lots of running, lifting weights for upper, lower and core muscles, and playing soccer. For juicing he recommends using whole fruits and vegetables to get their full nutrients.

Although the newest Bachelor hasn’t shared his fitness secrets yet, you can be sure the ladies trying to win his heart are having fun getting to know him. The only question left is who will Ben choose? Will it be Jenna, Monica, Lindzi, Britney or one of the other remaining contestants – all of whom have pretty nice bachelorette bodies themselves!

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