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The Bachelor’s Best Bodies Share Their Workout Secrets

The newest season of the Bachelor kicked off this week and with it came a whole new batch sexy women pining for the attention of a very eligible single man. The newest bachelor is Sonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik and he was the runner up for last season’s Bachelorette. Ben, like all of the previous Bachelor contestants, has what one might call a nice body. This brings about the question, what do the contestants on these shows do to achieve such nice physiques?

Previous Bachelor contestants like Jake Pavelka, Jason Mesnick, Brad Womack and Kirk DeWindt have shared their workout secrets. Just in time for the New Year we can take a look at the bodies that have stolen hearts and maybe have our men steal a few of their workout tips. Here’s how past contestants have stayed fit:

Jake Pavelka
Bachelorette season 5, Bachelor season 14

Jake worked with a trainer to get the best possible workout. He works on mainly isometric or biometric moves. This includes a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts, and hurl throws. He also uses medicine balls and does a lot of weighted ab work to build bulk. For his cardio workouts, Jake usually chooses running or football on the beach. Jake was known for his rock hard abs while on the show, so apparently his hard work paid off. In an interview for DietsInReview.com, Jake told us that during his appearance on Dancing With the Stars he was consuming a 3800 calorie diet and still lost 10 pounds. So guys, maybe take your girlfriend up on those dance lessons! (more…)

Mathue Johnson of DietsInReview.com Seeking Jillian’s Love on The Bachelorette

At DietsInReview.com, we’ve always known what a smart, down-to-earth, and attractive guy Matt Johnson is. mathue bacheloretteHe’s been our resident fitness expert for more than a year, providing men and women of all backgrounds guidance for beginning or maintaining their own workout routine. He encourages us to push our limits, and now, he’s pushing some of his own.

He’s certainly the most eligible bachelor at DietsInReview.com, but will he become that on ABC’s The Bachelorette? Mathue will be joining 29 other single men on the fifth season of the popular reality show. This season stars Jillian Harris, who was unlucky in love on last season’s The Bachelor, starring Jason Mesnick. (more…)

Music That Makes You Move

headphonesWhen I’m in the gym, I want music that makes me feel like I have no choice but to move. Sometimes to keep the workout interesting, I’ll run on the elliptical to the beat of the music- so for three or four minutes it might be really fast, and then the next song might slow me down a bit. I like Rhianna, Justin Timberlake and The Killers while I’m working out.

Recently, Andrew at GoHealthyGoFit published the music preferred by several fitness bloggers, including our resident trainer Matt Johnson. It’s worth checking out – you’ll learn a bit more about Matt, and maybe find some new tunes to get your heart rate going in the gym.

Fitness Experts at DietsInReview.com Run Marathons

We want to extend a congratulations to our very own Bernie Salazar and Matt Johnson. Both of these members of our DietsInReview.com team have completed marathons in the past week. It’s a tremendous feat, and one they’ve each persued with dedication and passion.

These guys trained for months to make sure they were physically ready to endure these 26 mile races.

Bernie Salazar completed the Chicago Marathon on October 12. His time was 4 hours, 15 minutes. (See Bernie’s marathon interview).

Matt Johnson completed the Wichita Marathon on October 19. His time was 3 hours, 23 minutes.

We’re very proud of their accomplishments!

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