Mathue Johnson of Seeking Jillian’s Love on The Bachelorette

At, we’ve always known what a smart, down-to-earth, and attractive guy Matt Johnson is. mathue bacheloretteHe’s been our resident fitness expert for more than a year, providing men and women of all backgrounds guidance for beginning or maintaining their own workout routine. He encourages us to push our limits, and now, he’s pushing some of his own.

He’s certainly the most eligible bachelor at, but will he become that on ABC’s The Bachelorette? Mathue will be joining 29 other single men on the fifth season of the popular reality show. This season stars Jillian Harris, who was unlucky in love on last season’s The Bachelor, starring Jason Mesnick. mathue bachelorette Will Mathue, the 26-year-old personal trainer en route to a Master’s degree who loves country music be the soul mate Jillian, a 29-year-old restaurant designer from Vancouver, is looking for? Only time will tell. The match-making begins Monday, May 18, 2022 at 9:00 EST during a two-hour premiere.

We wish Mathue a lot of luck and want Jillian to know we think we’ve got the skinny on the best catch there!

4 Responses to Mathue Johnson of DietsInReview

Carmen says:

Good luck, Mathue!

Margaret says:

Wow…My daughter sent me the link to this guys MySpace I wish he were here in Georgia. What a beautiful man and that body….forget about it!

Brittany says:

Whats his myspace address??

Mack says:

Raymundo don not like Mathue Johnson of DietsIn their method of pill is cheesy! I had a terrible response to this Mathue Johnson of DietsIn with upset stomach and had an issue getting a refund. Brother aware me never taking the Mathue Johnson of DietsIn.

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