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10 Breakfast Foods With as Much Sugar as a Candy Bar

Would you eat four candy bars for breakfast? What if your kids asked for this for breakfast, would you let them? The answer is likely no, because it’s candy and we don’t eat that for breakfast. But did you ever stop to think that the things you typically grab for breakfast, for yourself or your kids, might as well be candy? It’s true! Most of our go-to breakfast items have as much sugar as our favorite candies. No wonder our kids can’t concentrate in school and we don’t have the energy to get through a 10 a.m. meeting without bum-rushing the coffee machine.

If you’re looking to make some healthy changes for the new year, we can tell you that changing the way you do breakfast should be a priority. The cliche that it’s the most important meal of the day is very true, and if you can conquer that meal, then you’ll be able to start conquering the others.

We compared 10 of the most popular breakfast items, some of which actually give the illusion of being health foods, to our favorite candies to show you that a cup of yogurt or bowl of cereal is sometimes no better than the treats Santa left in your stocking. (more…)

Jamba Juice to Add Probiotics in the New Year

jamba juiceAlthough Dannon just settled a massive lawsuit with the FTC for making false claims about the health benefits of probiotics, we hear that Jamba Juice hasn’t lost faith in its ability to aid digestion. Fitperez.com claims that the whole-fruit smoothie chain will be offering a new line of drinks called Probiotic Fruit & Yogurt Blends in 2024.

The new smoothies are to feature nonfat yogurt, soy milk, whole fruit and a probiotic boost, to foster the growth of healthy microorganisms in the digestive system.

Jamba Juice’s probiotic smoothies will initially be offered in three flavors: Vibrant Blueberry, Thrivin Mango and a probiotic version of their already popular Strawberries Alive. Vibrant Blueberry will blend strawberries and blueberries, while Thrivin Mango will combine mangoes with peach a passion fruit.


Tips for Kim Kardashian When Ordering at Jamba Juice [PHOTO]

A friend to DietsInReview sent us this pic of Kim Kardashian leaving a NYC Jamba Juice yesterday, and it got us thinking… is this how she’s feeding those curves?

We have no way of knowing what’s in that large Jamba Juice cup that Kim Kardashian is carrying. What we do know is that it’s probably filled to the hilt with calories. We’ll grant that if this is her on-the-go lunch that it’s probably got fewer calories and fat and more vitamins than some other in-and-out, grab-and-go option might offer. If it’s a snack, we hope her Quicktrim and workouts are working out for her.

However, even Kim Kardashian should know that those smoothies are calorie bombs.

Here are a few tips on healthy ordering at JJ that we thought KK, and everyone else, could use. (more…)

McSmoothie Push Back: The Cheeseburger Chill

Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill CampaignYou may have already seen this viral video, but did you wonder why Jamba Juice would make a commercial for a fake product? Sure, the cheeseburger chill is funny and totally gross, but the ad is also poking fun at McDonald’s new fruit smoothies.

One can’t help but think that the video reveals a little of Jamba Juice’s anxiety about losing market share to the fast-food giant. They maintain that a Jamba Juice smoothie is still the real deal, implying that the competitor’s smoothie is just a pale impostor.