McSmoothie Push Back: The Cheeseburger Chill

Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill CampaignYou may have already seen this viral video, but did you wonder why Jamba Juice would make a commercial for a fake product? Sure, the cheeseburger chill is funny and totally gross, but the ad is also poking fun at McDonald’s new fruit smoothies.

One can’t help but think that the video reveals a little of Jamba Juice’s anxiety about losing market share to the fast-food giant. They maintain that a Jamba Juice smoothie is still the real deal, implying that the competitor’s smoothie is just a pale impostor.

Comparing the McDonald’s McCafe Wild Berry Smoothie with the Jamba Juice Berry Yumberry Smoothie reveals the products have more in common than one would expect. Neither have high fructose corn syrup, and both are made with real fruit juices. The Jamba Juice beverage starts with whole fruit, whereas the McDonald’s drink uses fruit puree. The new McDonald’s smoothies do contain extra and probably unnecessary sugars and concentrated fruit juices, which Jamba Juice smoothies avoid. The McCafe Wild Berry Smoothie comes in a 12 ounce serving with 210, where as its competitor is larger at 16 ounces and 230 calories, but contains two grams of sugar less. Depending on location, the McDonald’s smoothie can be more than a dollar less than the Jamba Juice equivalent.

So, is the McDonald’s smoothie as ridiculous as a cheeseburger smoothie? What do you think of Jamba Juice’s joke?

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