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Betty Draper’s Weight Gain Reflects Modern Weight Struggles [PHOTO]

Questions loomed last week during the two-hour premiere of Mad Men’s season five – where’s Betty? However, it didn’t take long for the sexiest blonde on the show to make her appearance in tonight’s second episode. Where was she? Likely in make-up putting on a body suit that has been likened on Twitter to that of Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. However, this is not the same Betty we’ve come to know and love. We could say she was curvy, but really, Betty was just heavy. Christina Hendricks has curves!

Donning a body suit to make her appear much, much heavier than the model-esque woman who was married to Don Draper, January Jones’ character would likely be humiliated if she knew how Twitter was responding to her new figure.

At first, we thought it was just the over-sized pink robe the now Betty Francis was wearing. Then, admittedly having not watched season four, considered for a moment that she was pregnant with a fourth child. However, when her mother-in-law brazenly calls her out for her weight in not so many words, we had to face the truth that Betty had put on weight. After failing to squeeze herself in to an ill-fitting dress and canceling an attendance with her husband to a social event, Betty climbed in bed and felt sorry for herself. (more…)

January Jones Adds Placenta To Her Diet

It seems more recently that doulas, at-home births and cloth diapers are becoming all the rage. The more intimate and personal a mother’s birth experience can be the better. But when Mad Men leading lady January Jones was reportedly eating her own placenta for health benefits, we had to wonder why.

At a recent press event promoting the new season of Man Men, Jones reportedly told People Magazine that she takes dehydrated placenta capsules when she’s feeling tired or blue.

“It’s not witch-crafty or anything,” said Jones. “I suggest it to all moms!”

Ater giving birth to her son Xander just weeks prior, the 34-year-old single mom returned to the set of Mad Men, which is why some have speculated that her capsules may be working. (more…)

January Jones Eases Up Her Diet and Workouts to Get Back Her Betty Draper Curves

Mad Men fans are getting very excited! The show finally returns this week after a year and a half hiatus. The female star, January Jones, who plays Betty Draper appears to be ready for the new season. The actress was spotted out and about promoting the show looking fitter than ever as she prepares to play the role she best known for, a 1960’s housewife.

Typically January Jones is known for her curves. Her appearance is meant to mimic that of a healthy woman from the 1960s, not a rail thin woman of this decade. Jones admits to having gotten too thin for the producers’ liking and being forced to eat more and cut back on exercise.

However, last summer, a much thinner Jones walked the red carpet. Jones lost two dress sizes for her role in X Men: First Class. Jones’ character was Emma Frost, a mutant telepath who wore very tight white clothing. In order for Jones to fit into the wardrobe she went on a juice fast. The fast allowed Jones to drop the weight in addition to adding weight training to sculpt her body and make it more like the fictional comic book character she was portraying in the film.