January Jones Eases Up Her Diet and Workouts to Get Back Her Betty Draper Curves

Mad Men fans are getting very excited! The show finally returns this week after a year and a half hiatus. The female star, January Jones, who plays Betty Draper appears to be ready for the new season. The actress was spotted out and about promoting the show looking fitter than ever as she prepares to play the role she best known for, a 1960’s housewife.

Typically January Jones is known for her curves. Her appearance is meant to mimic that of a healthy woman from the 1960s, not a rail thin woman of this decade. Jones admits to having gotten too thin for the producers’ liking and being forced to eat more and cut back on exercise.

However, last summer, a much thinner Jones walked the red carpet. Jones lost two dress sizes for her role in X Men: First Class. Jones’ character was Emma Frost, a mutant telepath who wore very tight white clothing. In order for Jones to fit into the wardrobe she went on a juice fast. The fast allowed Jones to drop the weight in addition to adding weight training to sculpt her body and make it more like the fictional comic book character she was portraying in the film.

Jones stated that getting her body ready for the X Men film was challenging and called the character’s body “unrealistic.”

Jones admits to stopping in for drive through shakes and fries from time to time, so clearly the juicing was just a temporary diet. The actress admits to being naturally thin and that keeping her Betty Draper curves can take work. Jones now agrees with the Mad Men producers about women’s body types. She wants viewers to know “it’s OK to have curves and be a woman.”

Jones says her diet tends to contain whatever is provided on set. “I eat whatever is at craft services. I’m a big eater. I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

While she may be curvy, she clearly doesn’t gorge herself on those potatoes. Jones looks great and sets a great example with her body image and her relationship with food.

Season Five of Mad Men Premieres March 25, 2024 on AMC.

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