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Healthy Recipes for Your Mad Men Premiere Party

The new Mad Men premieres this Sunday. Do you have your party planned yet?

If not, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with a spread of six healthy recipes that will dazzle your guests from start to finish and send them straight back to the era when cigarettes, cocktails and male chauvinism reigned supreme.

For starters, make your party 60s-themed, wardrobe and all. Think high-waisted skirts, fancy blouses, over-the-top updos, and classic jewelry for the ladies. And all-out ritz for the guys: suits, collared shirts, shiny shoes – the works. If your guests dress theme-appropriate, it will help set the mood all the more. Some props might also be fun. Think clutch purses and long gloves for ladies, hats for the guys, and fake cigarettes to smoke, since we obviously don’t condone actual smoking.

And now for the menu. This spread takes classics and gives them a healthy twist, starting with appetizers and a cocktail. How very Mad Men appropriate. (more…)

January Jones Eases Up Her Diet and Workouts to Get Back Her Betty Draper Curves

Mad Men fans are getting very excited! The show finally returns this week after a year and a half hiatus. The female star, January Jones, who plays Betty Draper appears to be ready for the new season. The actress was spotted out and about promoting the show looking fitter than ever as she prepares to play the role she best known for, a 1960’s housewife.

Typically January Jones is known for her curves. Her appearance is meant to mimic that of a healthy woman from the 1960s, not a rail thin woman of this decade. Jones admits to having gotten too thin for the producers’ liking and being forced to eat more and cut back on exercise.

However, last summer, a much thinner Jones walked the red carpet. Jones lost two dress sizes for her role in X Men: First Class. Jones’ character was Emma Frost, a mutant telepath who wore very tight white clothing. In order for Jones to fit into the wardrobe she went on a juice fast. The fast allowed Jones to drop the weight in addition to adding weight training to sculpt her body and make it more like the fictional comic book character she was portraying in the film.