Healthy Recipes for Your Mad Men Premiere Party

The new Mad Men premieres this Sunday. Do you have your party planned yet?

If not, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with a spread of six healthy recipes that will dazzle your guests from start to finish and send them straight back to the era when cigarettes, cocktails and male chauvinism reigned supreme.

For starters, make your party 60s-themed, wardrobe and all. Think high-waisted skirts, fancy blouses, over-the-top updos, and classic jewelry for the ladies. And all-out ritz for the guys: suits, collared shirts, shiny shoes – the works. If your guests dress theme-appropriate, it will help set the mood all the more. Some props might also be fun. Think clutch purses and long gloves for ladies, hats for the guys, and fake cigarettes to smoke, since we obviously don’t condone actual smoking.

And now for the menu. This spread takes classics and gives them a healthy twist, starting with appetizers and a cocktail. How very Mad Men appropriate.

Crispy Nuts – This simple recipe requires only three ingredients and will be a delicious starter as your guests arrive.

Cranberry Cosmo – Cocktails are a must, since the cast of the show never shies away from an evening (or afternoon) drink. This colorful cosmo is fairly light in calories and easy to concoct, so you won’t be away from your guests for long.

Steak and Bacon – Let’s just say there weren’t many vegans back in the 60s so a bacon-topped steak for dinner is entirely appropriate. This may not be the lightest dish you’ll serve, but keep the portions reasonable and it won’t throw you too far from your diet.

Almond-Green Bean Salad – Green bean casseroles can be on the heavier side, but put a spin on the dish with almonds and a light dressing and your guests will be asking for seconds without loading up on calories.

Healthier Scalloped Potatoes – Ah, scalloped potatoes. One of the few true indulgences in life. We love cheesy potatoes as much as the next girl, but this version uses skim milk and reduced-fat sour cream so you can load up on this delicious side without feeling the guilt afterwards.

Light Mixed Berry Cobbler – When we think of the 60s we think of classic desserts like baked Alaska and fruit cobblers, just like our grandmas used to make. This lighter version of berry cobbler will be the perfect ending to your night, especially when you serve it alongside some vanilla ice cream.

And that does it. Consider yourself ready for your very own Mad Men premiere party. Put your own spin on these recipes to make them your own, and be sure to enjoy plenty of cocktails with your guests. Betty Draper wouldn’t have it any other way.


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