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Presidential Candidates and Running Mates in Good Health

Joe Biden is the most recent candidate whose medical records have been made public. The Obama/Biden campaign released his records this week, indicating that Joe Biden is in good health. The 65-year old Senator is currently on an aspirin regimen to manage an irregular heart rhythm, found just more than two years ago. He does not have heart disease. He also takes Flomax to manage an enlarged prostate (no signs of cancer), allergy medicine and Zocor to lower his cholesterol. The report states that he has not had another brain aneurysm since the two in the late-80s.

Barack Obama did not provide a full medical report, but did publish a doctor’s note, which indicated he is in “excellent health and ready to serve as president.” (more…)

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger Recipe

This presidential candidate has a love for cheesy greasy foods, like enchiladas and pizza. So the chicken queso burger, created by Food Network in his name, sounds like something John McCain would have no hesitation eating.

The recipe looks incredible, sure to just pop with flavor, especially once the chicken has been grilled. The nutrition facts leave a little to be desired- with 742 calories, 30 grams of fat; that’s 16.5 Weight Watchers Points for you counters. For the low carb dieters, 51 grams of carbs (80 percent from the roll). Those numbers are pretty hard to swallow, and we’re certainly not pitching this as a healthy recipe as-is.

A chicken sandwich is certainly a smart, healthy meal, especially with the salsa, avocados and olive oil (with healthy MUFAs), and a fresh citrus marinade; but once you add the cheese and white bakery roll things take a turn for the worse. So, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for voting out some of the calories and fat. (more…)

Obama’s Diet vs. McCain’s Diet

Tonight is round two of the presidential debates, and we can expect plenty of mudslinging on issues, from the war in Iraq to the economy (especially the economy!). One thing we definitely can bank on not hearing are their views on food.

The CheapHealthyGood blog has broken down the culinary issues and gives us the lowdown on where Obama and McCain stand.

Who has the most substance when it comes to sustenance? Most of the post is about serious matters. But it also examines the candidates’ favorite dishes. Let’s look at the fun stuff – their favorite foods! You can find all the source material to verify the authenticity of these assertions at the CheapHealthyGood blog.

Favorite Foods:

McCain – Apparently he isn’t too keen on watching his waistline, his favorites include enchiladas, pizza, BBQ and shrimp.

Obama – It looks as though this candidate is more in tune with a healthy diet, preferring to eat vegetables like spinach and broccoli, nuts, Dentyne Ice gum, and handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle.

Least Favorite Foods:

McCain Says he doesn’t “do too well with vegetables.”

Obama – Skips salt and vinegar potato chips and mayo, will eat beets and asparagus only “if no other vegetables are available,” and drinks water over soda.

When they do indulge, how do they burn it off? Take a look here and find out which presidential candidate is more fit.

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