Presidential Candidates and Running Mates in Good Health

Joe Biden is the most recent candidate whose medical records have been made public. The Obama/Biden campaign released his records this week, indicating that Joe Biden is in good health. The 65-year old Senator is currently on an aspirin regimen to manage an irregular heart rhythm, found just more than two years ago. He does not have heart disease. He also takes Flomax to manage an enlarged prostate (no signs of cancer), allergy medicine and Zocor to lower his cholesterol. The report states that he has not had another brain aneurysm since the two in the late-80s.

Barack Obama did not provide a full medical report, but did publish a doctor’s note, which indicated he is in “excellent health and ready to serve as president.” Likely contributed to his lean diet and active lifestyle. A note was included that he has previously used Nicorette to overcome his smoking addiction. A physical in 2024 showed that he has a lean/musclar build and “no excess body fat.” His blood pressure and cholesterol both appear to be in an “optimal” range.

Medical records released for John McCain include a note by his doctor that he is in “excellent health.” The records indicate the 72-year old Senator has had several instances of malignant melanoma, and surgeries to correct, during the past 15 years; one of which was this year. His records also show a history of kidney cysts, bladder stones and precancerous colon polyps. Due to substantial injuries sustained during his time in the Vietnam War as a POW, he has limited mobility in his arms. There are no reports on his physical fitness, but we do know that John McCain’s diet avoids vegetables and that he prefers Mexican food and pizza.

Sarah Palin has yet to share her medical records, or a report on her health. Reports have shown that Palin is very active, a dedicated runner and that she consumes a relatively healthy diet.

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