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Jonah Hill Puts Back on Weight After Losing 40 Pounds Last Year

It’s not often that we do two sets of before and after pictures, let alone in reverse. But such is the case with Hollywood funny man Jonah Hill who dropped an estimated 40-plus pounds last year but has since put it all back on, and then some.

Twenty five-year-old Hill, who has starred in such movies as Super Bad and Moneyball, slimmed down for his role in  the new film 21 Jump Street – a police action comedy that was just released in March.

To slim down for the role, Hill reportedly consulted a nutritionist and personal trainer to shed the pounds since going it alone wasn’t working, and he even gained a little weight in his early attempts.

After slimming down, however, Hill reportedly told The Los Angeles Times that his new, trimmer self ‘hurt’ a bit when he indulged in something unhealthy, and that he was growing to enjoy his new, healthier lifestyle. (more…)

Chris Pratt Too Fat for Movie Role

Chris Pratt, best known for his role on Parks and Recreation, was in for a shock when he auditioned for a rare dramatic movie role: he was told he was too fat.

“My agent called me and said, ‘Chris, they really thought you were good, but they think you’re too fat,'” says Pratt. He seemed to take it in stride: “I was like, ‘F*ck, really? That sucks. OK, well, I can lose weight. Did you tell them I could lose weight?’

And that’s what he did. Pratt proceeded to a three-month period of hitting the gym and in that time he didn’t even know he had the part yet. Thirty pounds down, he finally found out he got the supporting role in the Brad Pitt-led project “Moneyball” playing major league catcher and first baseman Scott Hatteberg. Pitt plays Billy Bean, the general manager of the Oakland A’s. (more…)

Jonah Hill’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Jonah Hill has been getting a lot of press coverage lately. The funny actor has appeared in films like Superbad and Get Him to the Greek, but the latest buzz is centered on his dramatic weight loss. Hill set out to lose 30 pounds for the movie 21 Jump Street which he is currently filming, but it appears from recent photos that he’s lost even more than that.

I, for one, am glad that Hill has had success with his weight loss. Seeing a celebrity change their health for the better can be motivating to others that may want to make changes to their lifestyle. A friend of Jonah Hill spoke with US Weekly and stated that when he first set out to lose weight, he actually gained some. Hill didn’t give up though. Instead, he decided to work with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. This type of story is a great showcase of losing weight in a safe and healthy way, through diet and exercise.


Jonah Hill Avoids ‘Fat Actor’ Cliches

Apparently, Jonah Hill is making a big splash with his role in this Summer’s “Get Him to the Greek.” I have not seen it myself, but there is a lot to read online about his performance.

Bloggers are arguing over whether or not Hill’s weight detracts from his performance, or whether it is an overdone gag. The consensus is that his performance is unquestionably funny, but that his weight, well, gets in the way.