Jonah Hill’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Jonah Hill has been getting a lot of press coverage lately. The funny actor has appeared in films like Superbad and Get Him to the Greek, but the latest buzz is centered on his dramatic weight loss. Hill set out to lose 30 pounds for the movie 21 Jump Street which he is currently filming, but it appears from recent photos that he’s lost even more than that.

I, for one, am glad that Hill has had success with his weight loss. Seeing a celebrity change their health for the better can be motivating to others that may want to make changes to their lifestyle. A friend of Jonah Hill spoke with US Weekly and stated that when he first set out to lose weight, he actually gained some. Hill didn’t give up though. Instead, he decided to work with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. This type of story is a great showcase of losing weight in a safe and healthy way, through diet and exercise.

People often believe that celebrities don’t have to work for weight loss or to keep in shape. Jonah Hill’s weight loss teaches an important lesson to anyone that wants to lose weight. You don’t have to resort to unsafe measures to lose weight effectively. Incorporating exercise and making healthy diet changes are sure fire ways to burn more calories that you take in, which leads to weight loss. Losing weight may not be easy, but by sticking with it you can have success. Jonah Hill may have set out to lose weight for a movie role, but hopefully he works to keep the weight off after his filming is completed.

Via NY Daily News, Image Via Huffington Post

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