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Richard Simmons Reveals Knee Injury as Reason for a Nearly Year-Long Hiatus

Life is hard, and no one is immune to its difficulties. Not even the most happy-go-lucky man alive. Richard Simmons, the world’s most renowned fitness instructor, fell off the radar nearly a year ago and people have been asking questions. Rumors regarding his whereabouts and the reason for his absence have been swirling all week, with news outlets reporting that he has been struggling with personal issues as a result of a knee injury. Sources close to the fitness superstar say that he needs to have a left knee replacement, and he confirmed his struggles on social media today.

“I have had a tough time dealing with this injury, as it is keeping me from doing what I truly love to do and that is to teach classes around the world,” Richard posted on Facebook.

And while he wasn’t available for a comment today, his Twitter account has been vocal in his gratitude for the support he’s found.


He is known across the globe for his love of fitness and his ability to make it fun. He is a health and fitness guru, and he has changed the lives of millions of people, including mine. (more…)

The Best of 2024: From Fearless Selfies to Fitness Leaders, the 26 Must-Follow Names in Wellness

I don’t know about you guys, but we had a really great year over here at DietsInReview.com. We certainly felt the love — hello you named us a Top 50 Health Blog for 2024! — and tried every day to show it to you, too. Together we celebrated some tremendous weight loss successes, fitness milestones, and met so many more of you out there who make this a fun place to be in here.

Along the way, we found a few people who made the Internet a healthier place to be, even enlightening and holding us to a higher standard. They should be recognized, and you should consider following them. There’s a lot of brains, talent, and heart in this bunch of 26 brands and people in our 13 categories, covering food, fitness, and even social networks.

Without further adieu … meet our picks for the best of 2024!


kenlie alan

It was Oxford’s word of the year, you don’t think we’d pass up a legitimate chance to use it, did you? We selected two individuals who are using their selfies to better themselves and those around them. Plus, their selfies are duck-face free, so we can actually stand to look at them!

Alan Ali@Sweating_It_Off

Kenlie Tiggeman@ALLTHEWEIGH


One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. It would take longer than four days to watch a single minute’s worth of new video content – and no one has time for that! So we saved you the potato couchin’ time and sorted through to find the very best new clips from this year. Honestly, you’ll put them on repeat.

Dance Walking Fitness by Ben Aaron

Prancercise on YouTube (more…)

Kenlie Tiggeman Sues Southwest over ‘Too Fat to Fly’ Policy

What if you were boarding a plane and told you were too fat to fly? Can you imagine the pain and embarrassment you would feel? Well, one woman who went through this very experience said it not only left her feeling humiliated, but also like she was treated incredibly unfairly.

Kenlie Tiggeman, a blogger and political strategist, flies often both domestically and internationally. While she’s never had a problem with any other airline when it comes to her size, Tiggeman – who’s already lost more than 120 pounds – was told by a Southwest gate attendant on two separate occasions that she didn’t meet the requirements of the company’s “Customers of Size” policy.

Southwest’s policy states that it does not allow passengers to board who can’t fit between the 17-inch armrests, unless they buy a second seat. Tiggeman is more than happy to oblige with this rule, but her problem with it is that it’s not consistent or clearly defined, which is why Southwest has let her board most of the flights she’s purchased tickets for, and then unexpectedly denied her the right to board others. For this reason, Tiggeman has decided to sue the airline. (more…)

Southwest Airlines Tells Another Passenger She is Too Fat to Fly

During an Easter Sunday layover in Dallas, a woman was told by an employee of Southwest Airlines that she was “too fat to fly.” Kenlie Tiggeman, a blogger and political strategist, has already lost 120 pounds, but still didn’t meet the requirements under Southwest’s “Customers of Size” policy. The airline does not allow passengers to board who can’t fit between the 17-inch armrests, unless they buy a second seat.

While the airline says that it’s their policy to speak to overweight passengers in a discrete manner, Tiggeman says she was confronted in front of about 100 people.

“I know that I have a lot of weight to lose but I am definitely not too fat to fly,” says Tiggeman. “I do it all the time, domestically and internationally, and I have never had anyone approach me and particularly in the way that they did. I was embarrassed, humiliated.”

Don’t miss our interview with Kenlie: