The Best of 2024: From Fearless Selfies to Fitness Leaders, the 26 Must-Follow Names in Wellness

I don’t know about you guys, but we had a really great year over here at We certainly felt the love — hello you named us a Top 50 Health Blog for 2024! — and tried every day to show it to you, too. Together we celebrated some tremendous weight loss successes, fitness milestones, and met so many more of you out there who make this a fun place to be in here.

Along the way, we found a few people who made the Internet a healthier place to be, even enlightening and holding us to a higher standard. They should be recognized, and you should consider following them. There’s a lot of brains, talent, and heart in this bunch of 26 brands and people in our 13 categories, covering food, fitness, and even social networks.

Without further adieu … meet our picks for the best of 2024!


kenlie alan

It was Oxford’s word of the year, you don’t think we’d pass up a legitimate chance to use it, did you? We selected two individuals who are using their selfies to better themselves and those around them. Plus, their selfies are duck-face free, so we can actually stand to look at them!

Alan Ali@Sweating_It_Off

Kenlie Tiggeman@ALLTHEWEIGH


One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. It would take longer than four days to watch a single minute’s worth of new video content – and no one has time for that! So we saved you the potato couchin’ time and sorted through to find the very best new clips from this year. Honestly, you’ll put them on repeat.

Dance Walking Fitness by Ben Aaron

Prancercise on YouTube


emily carla

It’s a hard-knock life out here trying to feel good about ourselves. But there are more people than not championing a healthy, not popular, body image. The result? Women and men alike are empowered. Like winner Carla Birnberg said, “It’s too damn exhausting trying to be anyone other than who you are.”

Carla Birnbirg @MizFitOnline

Emily Sandford@AuthEmmie


fitbottomed greatist

Anyone can write all day about wellness, but it takes some real vision to do so in a way that grabs people and makes them want to make the right changes for the right reasons. There’s a big shift happening toward this – more heart, more brain – in the health space, and we think these guys get it unlike any other.

FitBottomedGirls + co. — @FitBottomedGirl



Look, we love a good snack. Someone in our office is always eating. But we’re smart about our nibbles, and think you should be, too. From almond butter to zucchini chips (maybe we should try those together?), trust that we tried it this year. There was no doubt in our mouths minds which snacks were our must-have when all was said and done.

kind bar and angie's boomchickapop

Angie’s Boomchickapop@Boomchickapop

KIND Snacks@KindSnacks


3121 book and tell me the truth

No one knows better than us (OK, maybe Amazon) how many new books came out this year, often contradicting the next or putting the sound bytes on repeat. Though in all of those published pages, two caught our attention and are actually doing a lot of good for the health of their readers.

Tell Me the Truth, Doctor@DrRichardBesser

The 3-1-2-1 Diet @Dolvett


kathy billy

We are self-proclaimed foodies, so it makes sense that we would seek out other foodies. But we have an insatiable appetite for the ones who share our proclivity for fresh, healthy, local – you know the food that’s actually good. We love these food-focused bloggers so much, we introduce you to a new one every Sunday.


Kathy Patalsky@LunchBoxBunch


holly and kathryn

Getting and staying fit is as easy or as intense as you want it to be, which means finding a trainer who speaks your fitness language. Our interests are quite varied here, but there are two names who always draw us back in to their philosophy on life, moving on our bones, and enjoying both with vigor.

Holly Perkins — @Holly_Perkins

Kathryn Budig — @KathrynBudig


roni leah

Anyone can have a voice online, but it’s those who use it to affect real change in their communities who make the difference. In this vast wellness community, there are a few using their RTs, hashtags, and precious blog space to make real, necessary change happen, from brand board rooms to family living rooms.

Roni Noone@RoniNoone

Leah Segedie@Bookieboo


From the parties to the simplicity, there’s just something about this social channel that calls to us. Like the hoots and chirps atop the trees… #weird. There are some chirps from a couple of tweeps who keep us most entertained (and informed), and we’re sure you’ll wanna follow them immediately.



We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to liking pages, so we thank you for helping us break 13,000+ in 2024! We aren’t just publishers though, we like to like pages, too. And when we do like a page, well, it’s got to have the perfect combo of fun + substance. These pages have it!

josie joy




A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand follows. We love these Instagram channels because they make you a part of their stories, truly engage with their loyal likers, and offer substance in a sea of media over consumption. Plus, they inspire the heck out of us!






Whether looking at a blog, newsletter, Twitter feed, or new recipe, some places just pack the one-two punch and have it all! We can’t deny that we check these places out on the regular; they make us hold ourselves to a higher standard. All around good stuff can be found here, and you don’t want to be the only one missing out.

Well + Good NYC

The Conversation

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