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No Diet or Heavy Workouts for Maria Menounos! See the Fit Star’s Reasonable Approach to Fitness

You never know when Mario Menounos is going to strip down to her bikini, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The Extra correspondent, part-time WWE wrestler, and bestselling author of The EveryGirls Guide to Life is five foot eight inches of toned beauty, and isn’t afraid to show off her stunning physique. Maria recently sat down with E! News to discuss how she keeps up with her fitness while wearing so many hats, and the answers were shocking.


The gorgeous Greek revealed that she never works out, but walks constantly and tries to limit her diet to foods “from the ground.” If that sounds like a typical celebrity half-truth, think again. Maria’s “everything in moderation” lifestyle is the most reliable way to sustain a healthy weight and keep her body running like a well-oiled machine.

It turns out dieting really isn’t Maria’s cup of tea either. “Diets are confining,” said Maria. “I don’t count calories. I just try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can.” (more…)

How Maria Menounos Stays Fit After Dancing With the Stars

Maria Menounos has recently been making airwaves with her impressive moves on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). And despite suffering two broken ribs during this season’s performances, she continued to be a strong contendor on the show before Tuesday night’s elimination. But Menounos says being voted off the show won’t stop her from keeping her body in tip-top shape.

Menounos is usually in the public eye as the host of “Entertainment Tonight,” but she’s also found fame as an actress. Because she’s constantly in the limelight, her body must be toned and fit. During DWTS, she practiced routines for up to five hours. But before she ever signed up for the show, she already managed a busy schedule which required her to work hard to stay in shape.

Unlike most celebrities, Menounos tries to steer clear of crazy diets. She eats healthy and has a regular exercise routine. Snacking is a number one rule for this celebrity, and a few of her favorites include veggies, fruits, Greek yogurt, and almonds. Due to her hectic agenda, she tries to snack a few times throughout the day. Perhaps her Greek heritage started her love for veggies and fruits. (more…)

Maria Menounos Flaunts Bikini Ready Body After Losing Super Bowl Bet

Maria Menounos is a woman of her word, and hosted Extra donning a New York Giants bikini in the wintery streets of NYC on Monday after she bet fellow correspondent AJ Calloway that the New England Patriots would win this year’s Super Bowl.

The sight of Menounos in the tiny bikini hosting next to a bundled up Mario Lopez, however, could be enough to make any Pats fan cheer for Giants colors. Menounos looked amazing, showing off her slim and toned body, showing that just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you should let your workout routine slip.

Menounos has never been shy about her love of fitness and that she got into shape on her own. In an interview with Fitness Magazine, Menounos opened up about gaining weight in college, reaching a size 14, and how she took it off all by herself.

“I did it on my own, when I was dirt-poor,” she says. “And I’ve kept it off for nine years.”