How Maria Menounos Stays Fit After Dancing With the Stars

Maria Menounos has recently been making airwaves with her impressive moves on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). And despite suffering two broken ribs during this season’s performances, she continued to be a strong contendor on the show before Tuesday night’s elimination. But Menounos says being voted off the show won’t stop her from keeping her body in tip-top shape.

Menounos is usually in the public eye as the host of “Entertainment Tonight,” but she’s also found fame as an actress. Because she’s constantly in the limelight, her body must be toned and fit. During DWTS, she practiced routines for up to five hours. But before she ever signed up for the show, she already managed a busy schedule which required her to work hard to stay in shape.

Unlike most celebrities, Menounos tries to steer clear of crazy diets. She eats healthy and has a regular exercise routine. Snacking is a number one rule for this celebrity, and a few of her favorites include veggies, fruits, Greek yogurt, and almonds. Due to her hectic agenda, she tries to snack a few times throughout the day. Perhaps her Greek heritage started her love for veggies and fruits.

Besides snacking on a regular basis, Maria likes to incorporate exercise into her schedule as well. She practices regular work out moves and adds in an hour of cardio when she can. This helps keeps her body toned and her metabolism running high. Another secret to keeping in shape and healthy, according to Menounos, is breathing techniques. She likes to practice her breathing frequently, and prefers to start the day off right with yoga to help keep her mind focus and positive.

Maria has a slim figure, but there was a point in her life where she was 40 pounds overweight and a size 14. She has a commonality with others who struggle with their weight as well. In a recent interview, Menounos talked about how her weight ballooned out of control when she was a college student. At some point she realized enough was enough and decided she wanted to live healthier. So she started a circuit program, which included jump rope, steps, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. She lost 20 pounds in the first four months and it took six months for her to lost the last 20 pounds. Now, she has kept the weight off for years and has a killer set of abs to show for it.

Many say celebrities have easy access to a healthy lifestyle because they have personal trainers. However, Menounos has a healthy life because of her snacking habits and regular exercise routine. Perhaps, her healthy secrets and success story can help others achieve a healthy lifestyle as well.

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