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American Idol’s Mariah Pulice Reveals Her Struggles With Anorexia

As American Idol kicked off its twelfth season, the judges rolled into Chicago to hear auditions. One contestant in particular got attention for her voice, but perhaps more for the struggles she had gone through just to be standing there. Mariah Pulice admitted to America that she was in the early stages of recovery from anorexia.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that affects nearly 24 million men and women in the United States, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Inc. (ANAD). Pulice falls into the most common gender and age group to struggle with the disorder – teenaged females.

Pulice admitted on last Thursday’s episode that her struggles with eating began in junior high school, saying, “I felt a lot bigger than the other girls.” These feeling progressed and Pulice said by high school she recalled only eating a single slice of American cheese each day. For reference, that’s only about 100 calories and maybe five grams of protein. The fact that Pulice was telling this story was impressive, considering how dangerously she was treating her body. (more…)

Mariah Carey Flaunts Taut Abs After Twins on Cover of SHAPE

After a string unsuccessful celebrity diet spokespeople, from Carnie Wilson getting fired from Fresh Diet to Kirstie Alley yo-yoing after Jenny Craig, popular diet plans are getting a boost from slimmed down celebs that are keeping the weight off.

Jennifer Hudson has kept her weight off for more than a year with Weight Watchers and Janet Jackson is sporting a slimmer frame with the help of NutriSystem. Now, Jenny Craig’s newest celeb endorser Mariah Carey is a prime example the diet can work, landing the cover of SHAPE magazine’s May issue just months after giving birth to twins.

Mariah Carey has used Jenny Craig to lose an amazing 30 pounds, and gain some amazing abs, to boot. Carey credits her new diet for most of her transformation.

“I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet,” Mariah said. “Today my workout routine is more about getting and staying toned. And for me, that means either taking hour-long walks a few times a week or jumping in the pool three or four days a week to do 45 minutes of aquatic exercises.”


Nothing Funny About Chelsea Handler’s Remarks Regarding Mariah Carey’s Weight

Even the thickest-skinned among us tend to cringe when someone gets picked on for their weight. Recently, comedian Chelsea Handler slammed Mariah Carey for all her weight fluctuations and it doesn’t look like anyone’s laughing.

Mariah Carey, the pop superstar and new mother of twins, has publicly shifted in size throughout her career. Most recently she became the celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig and showed off her stunning postpartum figure. While the star’s weight has been a focal point at times, it has never been controversial until now.

Apparently Chelsea Handler had strong opinions about Carey and shared them openly this week on Howard Stern’s radio show. “…She’s just so ridiculous with her body. You see her one day and she’s 50 pounds heavier or light…there’s nothing real about her…”

Handler has used her brash comedy style to slam both Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, over the last year.

Mariah Carey Loses 30 Pounds in Three Months on Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey is back in a size six after giving birth to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on April 30. She has lost 30 pounds using the Jenny Craig program since starting on July 22. Mariah is also the newest celebrity spokesperson for the company.

Jenny, as the company has been renamed, is planning to use Mariah’s song Make It Happen along with her weight loss story in upcoming commercials to attract younger women to the program. When speaking about her weight loss, Mariah stated “I feel better in every way. To me, it’s mind, body and soul. I was in a bad place physically during my pregnancy.”

During her pregnancy, Mariah had gestational diabetes and edema, which is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. After starting on the Jenny program, she ate the company foods as well as cooked some of her own, which is part of the program. For exercise, Mariah does mostly aquatic workouts for 45 minutes four-to-five days each week. Now Mariah says she doesn’t go by the scale, but by “my dress size. Right now I am between a four and six.” Mariah’s height is five feet, nine inches. (more…)

7 Celebrity Fad Diets

Oh, Hollywood celebrities… their lifestyles are just as wild as their eating habits. And, all of us who closely follow their lives in the pages of Us Magazine and TMZ are just as wacky, especially when we copy their dieting practices.

Recently, Yahoo! Shine asked the health experts at Mayo Clinic to evaluate seven fad celebrity diets. Here is the skinny on everything from baby food to eating nothing but purple-colored foods.

The Cooler Cleanse

  • Description: A three- or five-day juice detox diet where you replace meals and snacks with Cooler Cleanse juices that are delivered fresh to your door. Hayek is one of the co-creators of the Cooler Cleanse and swears by it as a way to keep her looking young, svelte and beautiful.
  • Benefits: Quick and short-term weight loss; Promotes a feeling of lightness; Contains healthy and natural ingredients; Liberates you from eating processed and refined foods, even if just for a few days.
  • Cost: $58 per day


Peeking inside Mariah Carey’s fridge

Ok. Admit it. You’ve always wanted to take a look in your favorite celebrity‘s kitchen to which food and snacks it’s stocked with. We’re a body image-obsessed culture so it makes perfect sense that when Mariah Carey opened up her refrigerator to the Oprah Winfrey show, peaked with curiosity, we all had a look, too.

Flanked by her personal chef, Patricia, Carey displayed the secrets of the diet that she owes her newly svelte figure to. Her fridge was packed with berries, watermelon, veggies, homemade vegetable soup and fish like swordfish and her chef’s special stuffed clams made without breadcrumbs or butter.

Carey also admitted to not just having her cooks remove butter from recipes, but also from her fridge when her personal chef is not around to keep the kitchen void of indulgences. Watching Carey take us on a tour of her kitchen, I wondered if having a personal chef at your leisure to prepare healthy meals would keep you trim? What do you think? Would it make a big difference in how and what you eat and the eventual number on your bathroom scale?