Mariah Carey Loses 30 Pounds in Three Months on Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey is back in a size six after giving birth to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on April 30. She has lost 30 pounds using the Jenny Craig program since starting on July 22. Mariah is also the newest celebrity spokesperson for the company.

Jenny, as the company has been renamed, is planning to use Mariah’s song Make It Happen along with her weight loss story in upcoming commercials to attract younger women to the program. When speaking about her weight loss, Mariah stated “I feel better in every way. To me, it’s mind, body and soul. I was in a bad place physically during my pregnancy.”

During her pregnancy, Mariah had gestational diabetes and edema, which is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. After starting on the Jenny program, she ate the company foods as well as cooked some of her own, which is part of the program. For exercise, Mariah does mostly aquatic workouts for 45 minutes four-to-five days each week. Now Mariah says she doesn’t go by the scale, but by “my dress size. Right now I am between a four and six.” Mariah’s height is five feet, nine inches.

Mariah Carey’s story of postpartum weight loss proves that you can reach your goals through cutting calories and increasing exercise. Losing weight the old fashioned way may take longer than you’d like but it’s always worth it to lose weight in a healthy way rather than relying on a fad diet.

In a study from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, researchers analyzed dozens of clinical trials finding that cutting calories and exercising is the most effective way to lose weight. Diet and exercise has been found to be a long term solution when it comes to weight loss. With so many people suffering from obesity and being overweight, it is great to see a success story like Mariah’s that encourages losing weight in a healthy way.

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