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Get a Good Sleep and a Good Sweat at the 5 Best Fitness-Minded Hotels

westin gaslamp water

You know that thing where you travel and you’re left to figure out where and how and when you are going to get your workout in? Well the Westin Hotels & Resorts is changing the game!

Holly Perkins, women’s fitness expert and founder of Women’s Strength Nation, has recently paired with Westin Hotels & Resorts to kick off their “Westin Wellness Escapes,” a series of well-being retreats led by experts who want to help you achieve new goals! Throughout the WSN Live event, Westin spoiled guests with inspired meals from their SuperFoodsRX and Fresh by the Juicery menus. Westin Hotels is planning similar retreats, or Escapes, covering nutrition to yoga and running, with events being offered internationally. Next up is a triathlon recovery escape in Jekyll Island, Georgia hosted by Chris Heuisler in May.

Westin Hotels has also partnered with New Balance to provide their guests with a new Gear Lending program. Certain Westin properties will be offering New Balance shoes and clothing for a nominal fee of only $5! Whether you want to save room in your carry-on or just want to try out some new gear, or managed to forget something, this is an exciting amenity that ensures your active lifestyle won’t be forgotten when you’re far form home. Add in the hotel’s 5K events, healthier food options, relaxing spas, Holly’s exclusive workout videos available in-room, and exceptional gyms and we can’t think of a better way to vacation!

Westin isn’t alone though. Many hotels are catching on to the wellness needs of their guests and similar programs have been created at major hoteliers around the country. (more…)

Get the Fittest Look: Your Guide to Summer 2024 Fitness Fashion

Summer fitness wear

Whether at the gym, the jogging trail, or the yoga studio, it’s time for your workout wardrobe to change seasons. With summer we get to embrace a lot more color and dress down with fewer layers. From your head to your toes, we’re sharing our favorite fitness fashion for summer 2024.

1. Enell Sport Bra. Made for busty women who like to move, this sports bra by Enell will not fail you when you count on it most. We’re obsessed with our limited edition purple orchid bra and know you will be, too. $64-$66

2. Ellie’s Just Like Heaven Tank. Slight capped sleeves and crazy soft material make this the most comfortable workout top in our drawer. We love the not-too-pink color and the flattering fit that is customary of all Ellie pieces. $34

3. The Candy Factory Undies. If “They don’t ride up your butt” won’t get your attention, the super cute designs will. Muffin top-free waistbands, breathable microfibre fabric, and a little Lycra are the must-have panty for spinning, running, squatting, or down-dogging. $20 (more…)

Prairie Fire Marathon’s Local Joes Start Running with DietsInReview.com and Holly Perkins

Have you ever watched a marathon run past your house or followed the training of a pavement-pounding friend and thought these individuals are cut from a cloth very different than your own? We’re here to tell you they weren’t. At some point, they were just average joes hoping to get to the end of their first mile without croaking. Their gazelle-like pace as they chase one more finish line only came as the result of a lot of hard work and ignoring people who called them crazy.

We’re excited to turn four more average joes in to runners, to prove that with the right training, the right commitment, and the right support, just about anyone can go after a finish line. Today, we introduce the Prairie Fire Marathon Local Joes class of 2024.

Each year, the Prairie Fire Marathon, held in Wichita, Kansas in October, hosts a team of Local Joes, four non-runners who become so over a course of training that leads them to the starting line and well past the finish. This year, we’re proudly sponsoring this group of new runners, and excited to see their growth physically as much as mentally.

Our team is made of two men and two women who are already pretty active on Twitter and about to become pretty active IRL (in real life), too! Meet our Local Joes: (more…)

Best Fitness Gear to Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! While you’ve probably already read about Diets in Review’s 3rd annual Blogs Against Breast Cancer campaign, we wanted to give you a few more fun products to sport and show your support for finding a cure for breast cancer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, and the number one cause of cancer death in Hispanic women. It is also the second most common cause of cancer death in white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native women. With an estimated 1 in 8 women in the United States at risk for developing invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, it’s safe to say that most of us have had someone in our lives, our ourselves, affected by breast cancer. (more…)

Heidi Klum Launches Trendy Active Wear Line for New Balance

By Alicia Rose

The newest trend to hit lifestyle branding comes from supermodel and established fashion designer Heidi Klum, who has partnered with New Balance to launch her new fashion line Heidi Klum for New Balance. The active wear collection launched on October 7, 2024 on Amazon.com and not only includes standard pants, hoodies and sweatshirts, but versatile sweaters, leggings, tunics, woven and knit tops, and dresses.

“Heidi Klum for New Balance combines New Balance’s expertise in fit and form with Heidi’s commitment to sophisticated style to create a versatile collection for women that is both everyday wearable and luxurious,” said Kerry Kligerman, Executive Vice President of Apparel for New Balance.

Ranging in price from $32-$168 (US dollars) the collection pieces are available in America, Japan, United Kingdom and Klum’s home country of Germany, and she says she is excited to launch a collection that is easy to shop and stylish to wear. (more…)

New Balance Offers New Toning Shoes

The world of shoes that tone and lift your bum are about as popular as Manolos – and a heck of a lot more comfortable too.

The athletic shoe company, New Balance, just came out with a complete line of toning or rocker shoes.

New Balance was a sponsor of the FitBloggin conference this past spring and since DietsInReview.com was also represented at this exciting media event, New Balance generously sent me a pair of their Rock&Tone shoes.

I have been a bit skeptical about this new line of walking and toning footwear, whether it’s the Reebok EasyTone or Skechers Shape Ups. So, when I put on my pair of light gray Rock&Tones, I really didn’t know what to expect.


Biggest Loser: Episode 13

Last night’s episode of Biggest Loser could be summed up in two words: Girl Power. At least that’s my interpretation. The other two-word set could be: One Pound. The episode was certainly less dramatic than most in the past few weeks, but definitely presented its own little nuggets of drama.

Biggest Loser KellyKelly is the last woman standing from Jillian’s black team. While it now includes Ali, she’s not removing that pink shirt any time soon. I have to say that I’m a little surprised that Kelly has hung this long. Self-doubt can trip anyone and she’s had plenty of it. More than anything for her, I hope that she leaves Biggest Loser a more confident person. She’s pushed herself beyond the limits of anything she ever dreamed for herself, and the results are showing.

Ali is a fierce competitor and one who should be taken seriously these next few weeks- if they weren’t already. During the weigh-in she had reached the 85 pounds lost mark. She’s now lost more weight at the ranch than any other woman in Biggest Loser history. Guess what- she’s not done. If there’s a female who can take the top spot at finale, I believe it’s Ali.

There was an impromptu pop quiz last night that had all the competitors shaking in their New Balances and spandex pants. They were taken into the elimination room with one of the fear-striking silver platters in the middle of the table. Alison said the last man standing in the quiz would win whatever was under the cover. That man was Dan. One of the funniest moments in the show was Alison removing the cover to reveal a slice of chocolate layer cake- a 600 calorie slice she informed. Dan’s face, expecting a trip, cash or gold coins, collapsed into a bewildered “Thank You?”.Biggest Loser Couples

Alison told Dan he could do anything he liked with the cake- but she recommended he take it to the challenge untouched. That cake was treated like a new born baby- it went to bed, to dinner, to the gym- all in an effort to keep anything from happening. Upon winning the quiz, he bragged that it made him the smartest person in the house. I had to doubt those smarts a bit when the cake went missing and a note forged by Roger indicating that Kelly had stolen it was actually believable. Dan- my friend, I saw right through that hoax. You really didn’t!?

At the challenge the six remaining competitors were taken to a basketball arena and had to fill each other’s tables with classic arena food- hot dogs, ice cream, cotton candy, pizza, pretzels. The person with the least calories on their table won $10,000. The guys ganged on the girls and filled their tables with a combined 30,000+ calories, not placing a single item on any man’s table. Of course not- PRIDE ON THREE! They set themselves up to win the money and Jay was offered the $10,000 cash…… or he could use it to buy a one pound pass. And he did.

Biggest Losers Mark and DanThe weigh in was incredible as those two girls took first and second place with impressive weigh ins. Mark and Dan were forced below the line. And Dan said his farewell to Biggest Loser. That kid worked his tail off and I really think did a lot of growing in his time there. I’m talking to Dan this afternoon- so if you have any pressing questions for him, throw them in the comments section before Noon CST today!! Look here tomorrow for the full interview with Dan.

If you want to dig even deeper into the Biggest Loser in between our updates, visit biggestloser.msn.com.

Next Week– the final 5 are headed to Australia.

Quote of the Week– “They’re repulsive to me right now,” from Jillian about the guys after their behavior in the challenge.

Cry of the Week– Dry eyes! Just really proud of Kelly and Ali this week.

DON’T FORGET- You can win Bernie’s autographed Berndana!