New Balance Offers New Toning Shoes

The world of shoes that tone and lift your bum are about as popular as Manolos – and a heck of a lot more comfortable too.

The athletic shoe company, New Balance, just came out with a complete line of toning or rocker shoes.

New Balance was a sponsor of the FitBloggin conference this past spring and since was also represented at this exciting media event, New Balance generously sent me a pair of their Rock&Tone shoes.

I have been a bit skeptical about this new line of walking and toning footwear, whether it’s the Reebok EasyTone or Skechers Shape Ups. So, when I put on my pair of light gray Rock&Tones, I really didn’t know what to expect.

After giving them a whirl around the neighborhood with my dog in tow, I was delightefully surprised by just how comfortable they were and how almost immediately they forced me to straighten my back as I walked, lift and engage my core and work my legs, much more so than my usual summer flip flops or sporty walking shoes.

Now, I wear my Rock&Tones out for everyday walking and erranding, and I also wear them as I walk on the treadmill. They are the first athletic shoe that I did not develop those painful break-in blisters. I love them!

New Balance’s Rock&Tone features a lightweight, soft and rounded bottom that encourages you to work your muscles harder with every step you take, thanks to its 442’s cutting-edge rocker bottom technology, which tones your muscles. With the motto of “It’s a shoe that has it all,” the Rock&Tone rocks, tones, and slims as you go about your everyday routine. It helps you burn calories while shaping your calves, quads and glutes. They are designed for fitness walking and everyday wear.

The Rock&Tones come in five different colors and have a sleek, fashionable look to them. They generally run about $85 and can be purchased online at the New Balance website or from retail stores around the country.

While I haven’t tried other toning shoes, I give the New Balance Rock&Tone an enthusiastic thumbs up! They make me a more deliberate walker and inspire me to think about how I’m using my body as I wear them, which in turn causes me to improve my posture, take even steps, and engage my leg muscles.

While New Balance provided Heather Ashare with sample product, this review is her own opinion and was not influenced or sponsored in any way.

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