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Jillian Michaels Overtakes Weight Watchers on the 2024 Most Popular Diets of the Year List

The most popular diet of the year is none other than the incomparable Jillian Michaels. It’s not entirely surprising when you consider she’s been one of the most consistent players on our list since 2024, with her online brand, detox product, and earliest workout DVD ranking each year. In fact, the latter two were both on last year’s top ten list. We expect to see Curves, ranking for the first time since 2024, as the Biggest Loser trainer just announced a new partnership with Curves.

jillian michaels

What is most surprising is how Jillian Michaels knocked the giant that is Weight Watchers out of the number one position. That’s only been done once before, by 17 Day Diet in 2024. Even that year Weight Watchers held on to number two, but this year they slipped in to the fifth most popular spot.

And 17 Day Diet grabbed ranking number four, hardly losing any ground since its overwhelmingly popular release in late 2024. Its position on our annual Most Popular lists, ahead of Weight Watchers once again, will no doubt help with the release of 17 Day Diet: Breakthrough Edition on the 31st.

The only constant between last year’s list and this – Medifast. They’ve got number 3 on lock, with the meal delivery diet staying strong in the top ten since 2024.

Another staple of our list fell pretty hard this year, with hCG falling down to number 14. No, the supplement boom isn’t over, as its disappearance only made room for brands like Skinny Fiber (a shocking number 2) and Plexus Slim (at number 6) to move on up the list. Dr. Oz-endorsed Raspberry Ketones (17) and Green Coffee Bean Extract (20) were other weight-loss-by-pill categories that did especially well this year.

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1. Jillian Michaels

2. Skinny Fiber

3. Medifast

4. 17 Day Diet

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Biggest Loser Puts Primal 7 in its Outdoor Gyms

There’s a lot of new stuff on the Biggest Loser ranch this season. Most notably, a few teenagers running around periodically. Of course, Jillian Michaels is showing her face again. And, there are those outdoor gyms that each trainer got to design themselves. It all keeps things pretty interesting for not only the contestants but those of us at home.

While Bob Harper told us last week about dedicating his gym to Crossfit, Jillian and Dolvett seemed to go a little more traditional. Until you see the Primal 7 equipment hanging in their gyms.

During the week three episode, we noticed the Primal 7 unit gleaning in the California sunshine. Those bright green straps are hard to miss. We’re pretty excited about this new development on the ranch. Tonight, we saw it again in Dolvett’s gym during Last Chance Workout.

While we requested comment from Jillian and Dolvett about introducing Primal 7 to their contestants, neither was able to respond. A spokesperson for Primal told us, “I can confirm that what you saw on The Biggest Loser was indeed Primal 7,” but declined further comment. (more…)