Biggest Loser Puts Primal 7 in its Outdoor Gyms

There’s a lot of new stuff on the Biggest Loser ranch this season. Most notably, a few teenagers running around periodically. Of course, Jillian Michaels is showing her face again. And, there are those outdoor gyms that each trainer got to design themselves. It all keeps things pretty interesting for not only the contestants but those of us at home.

While Bob Harper told us last week about dedicating his gym to Crossfit, Jillian and Dolvett seemed to go a little more traditional. Until you see the Primal 7 equipment hanging in their gyms.

During the week three episode, we noticed the Primal 7 unit gleaning in the California sunshine. Those bright green straps are hard to miss. We’re pretty excited about this new development on the ranch. Tonight, we saw it again in Dolvett’s gym during Last Chance Workout.

While we requested comment from Jillian and Dolvett about introducing Primal 7 to their contestants, neither was able to respond. A spokesperson for Primal told us, “I can confirm that what you saw on The Biggest Loser was indeed Primal 7,” but declined further comment.

The trainers might not have had anything to say, but contestant Danni Allen, tweeted her love of Primal 7!

We’re also pretty sure that in the new gym for Lindsay’s school we saw a Primal 7 unit being used, although we’ve admittedly not received confirmation on this.

We’re not sure why the show isn’t talking about it, likely because of endorsements deals. When brands like Planet Fitness and Yoplait pay the millions of dollars they do to be mentioned on the show they get a lot of screen time. It’s likely that Primal 7 impressed the trainers enough to get a spot in the gym but wasn’t able to fulfill any kind of high-paying promotional deal.

Last month we got a chance to check out Primal 7 for ourselves and were completely impressed by the suspension training system. It can sustain weights of more than 1,000 pounds – meaning virtually any person can use it. We’ve seen a guy weighing more than 500 pounds use Primal 7 to seemingly effortlessly do push-ups that he’d never been able to accomplish before. The way Primal 7 is engineered, virtually anyone can step in to it and do lunges, squats, pull ups, pushups, sprints, and many other moves that would likely be impossible or difficult otherwise.

Here’s a really down to basics demo of what Primal 7 can do in your home, gym, office, or even backyard!

No wonder Biggest Loser put Primal 7 in their gym!

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