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Danni Allen Interview: How the Biggest Loser Winner Will Maintain Her 121 Pound Weight Loss

Fans of the Biggest Loser are still abuzz after a jaw-dropping finale that crowned 26-year-old fan-favorite Danni Allen the ultimate winner. In her 11 weeks on the ranch Danni managed to lose a total of 95 pounds, and then returned home to lose another 26 pounds, for a combined total weight loss of 121 pounds.

Not only did Allen have the pleasure of being crowned the Biggest Loser 14 out of 15 competitive contestants, she also walked away with the $250,000 grand prize. Not a bad perk for losing nearly half your weight.

Allen, who documented her Biggest Loser journey on Diets In Review throughout season 14, quickly became a fan favorite due to her relentlessly positive spirit and determination to succeed. Her hard work paid off as she managed to win all but two of the challenges set before her despite being the only remaining white team member under Jillian Michaels by week 5. (more…)

Danni Allen Wins Biggest Loser Season 14 by One Pound, Continuing the Pink Team Legacy

On Biggest Loser, it pays to be pink. Tonight, Danni Allen walked in to the Biggest Loser live finale as the most dominate contestant this season, and upheld that title as she won the Biggest Loser title for season 14. With a starting weight of 258 pounds and a finale weight of 137, with a total loss of 121 pounds. That’s a 46% loss of her body weight! It’s the kind of weight loss that will not only change her life, but people everywhere inspired and touched by her story and journey.

Danni Allen’s Best and Worst Moments of Biggest Loser 14

“Never underestimate the courage and strength of a woman who has found her inner fire, especially if she’s wearing PINK,” said Ali Vincent, the first female winner of Biggest Loser and host of Live Big! “Of course Danni WON!”

During her 11 weeks on the ranch, Danni won all but two challenges and lost a total of 95 pounds before heading home to finish her journey on her own. She was the underdog almost from the start, quickly one of only three people on Jillian Michaels‘ team and the only remaining white team member by week 5. It was daunting but not discouraging and the 26-year-old used that adversity to power through week after week, win after win. (more…)

Gina McDonald Wins the Biggest Loser 14 At-Home Title with 46% Total Weight Loss

It was an incredibly close race for the at-home title this year, but in the end, Gina McDonald’s loss of 113 pounds sent her home $100,000 richer! She was consistently the Biggest Loser in the house’s weekly weigh-ins, so it’s no surprise that the pint-sized contestant from the South cashed in at the final weigh in.

Gina joined Biggest Loser weighing 245 pounds, the third heaviest woman in the house. But she’s leaving as the second smallest! Her final weight was 132 pounds, with a total percentage of weight loss of 46.12. If she’d made it in to the finals, Danni Allen still would have won the grand prize, but marginally. There’s only a .78 percent difference between Gina’s weight and Danni’s finale weight of 137 pounds. (more…)

1,431 Pounds Lost: Biggest Loser 14’s Final Before and After Photos

The confetti has fallen, the weight has been lost, and another group of contestants fall in to the Biggest Loser history books. It’s a wrap for Biggest Loser 14 – with Danni Allen named the winner and Gina McDonald claiming the at-home prize. This might have been the Challenge America season, publicity wise, but it was the season of redemption as far as fans were concerned. From where we’re sitting, the producers stepped up and delivered.

Tonight, these 15 contestants lost 1,431 pounds combined. Collectively they entered the ranch weighing 4,296 pounds – or more than two ton! They lost the weight in 11 weeks on the ranch and just over eight weeks at home. They proved that while having world-class trainers in a fitness-focused environment may help pounds melt off of your body, the real work is done at home. It’s most impressive when it’s done at home.

We adored this cast, just as many of you at home did. They seemed to embody the soul of Biggest Loser. We can’t recall a single fight or melodramatic moment this season. None of the catty, game-play, back-stabbing events that typically fuel mid-week teasers made an appearance. We saw people like Danni, Jackson, Michael, TC, and Francelina touch the hearts, inspire the minds, and fuel the motivation of millions at home.

Say one last goodbye to one of the best casts this show has ever had, and celebrate each pound that they let us watch disappear.

Danni Allen: Starting Weight 258, Final Weight 137, Total Loss -121 / 46.9%

Biggest Loser 14 Winner

Gina McDonald: Starting Weight 245, Final Weight 132, Total Loss -113 / 46.12

Biggest Loser 14 At-Home Winner (more…)

Danni Allen’s Best and Worst Moments of Biggest Loser’s Season 14

I can’t believe TONIGHT is THE night – the live finale is actually here! As I ready myself for this culminating event, I thought I would share some of my “bests” of the show. Tonight is going to be incredibly nostalgic and I can’t wait for the results! Walk through the past 12 weeks with me as I look back I my favorite moments – whether sad, funny, or delicious!

Best Moment

There were SO many moments that rain high on the list of best moments. I proved many times over to myself “why NOT me!”, but I think the best moment was going to my closet with my mom and sister and THROWING OUT my “big girl” clothes. When I held up my size 18 jeans and they practically wrapped around me, tears flooded. And the best part, my mom and sister were there to share it. So many things happened on the ranch away from my family and this time is was family time! (more…)

Danni Allen and Jeff Nichols are Finalists for Biggest Loser 14

Can you believe it is the last week on the ranch? Where did those eleven weeks go? I want to take the start of this blog to thank all my family, friends and fans for all the AMAZING support. WOW, my heart melts each week as I read messages from people who are truly inspiring. There is no better feeling than knowing so many people have your back. THANK YOU!

This was probably the most emotionally trying week on the ranch. I think my favorite part was being able to sit with Jillian and watch my journey. When the song “This Girl is on Fire” played my eyes just completely welled up. Jillian themed that song for me and I am just so privileged to take on that role! How far I’ve come still shocks me and I think it will continue to shock me. This just shows NEVER GIVE UP! I was the last remaining White Team member – I did it and no one can take that away from me! (more…)

Biggest Loser Cures Diabetes Ahead of What Standard Medicine Can Achieve

Isn’t it a little bold to say you’re curing diabetes, was my first question for Biggest Loser’s Dr. Robert Huizenga, better known as Dr. H. He asserted that not only can it be done, but Biggest Loser is blazing the trail where curing diabetes is concerned. Yes, a reality show is doing more than his standard medical peers.

We spoke this morning in preparation for tonight’s episode in which the contestants will spend their last week on the ranch. As everyone says their farewells, they’ll meet with Dr. H one more time to find out, aside from their scale weight, how they’ve changed their bodies and their health. For Gina, she’s leaving the ranch without the type 2 diabetes she arrived with.

“If we can keep Gina at the levels she’s at tonight for the next 2-5 years, we’ll say we cured her diabetes,” said Dr. Huizenga.

How is that so? Right now, Gina’s diabetes has been reversed, or is in remission. As Dr. Huizenga explained, they’ve returned all the indicators to normal. To achieve cure, they have to stay that way for the next several years.

Gina’s not the only one turning back time on this disease. Young Lindsay, one of the teen ambassadors featured this season, is celebrating a complete reversal of her pre-diabetes. Doing so at such a young age is better and easier than trying to go back when she’s forty, explained the doctor.

“It’s like putting the toothpaste back in the tube,” he analogized. (more…)

Tim Gunn Styles the Biggest Loser Makeovers in Week 10

Was this not the BEST episode so far? I just have to say WOW and ugh WOW to everyone’s transformations! I mean HOW COOL was it to get styled up by Tim Gunn! He was the nicest person, so real and he really knows how to pick out a pair of pants- LOVE IT. Then, being scooted off to Ken Paves’ salon? HELLO!! I think my favorite part of that process was having Ken work on my bangs. He said that these bangs would have attitude and spent very detailed time on them. Both these men have quite the eye!

I think we are the luckiest cast as we get to GO HOME for our makeover reveal.  I cannot wait to show all my friends and family the progress I have made; they will see the new person I have become – inside and out!

I don’t think I slept at all the night before my reveal. I couldn’t wait to have my make up and hair done for the first time AND to see which outfits Tim had picked out for me. When I saw those gold skinny jeans, I about DIED! First of all, they were a size 12, second, HOW HOTT are these? I feel like a movie star! (more…)

Biggest Loser Faces its Biggest Fears in Week 9

We are immediately thrown into a pop-challenge after the week 8 weigh-in and brought to a field where we see life-size day one photos of each of the remaining contestants. The object: each person must run their colored cinder blocks over and cover another contestant’s photo. The last person whose photo remains uncovered must leave the ranch for the entire week. I lose my footing right off the bat and completely DECK it against the hard cinder block. The wind is knocked out of me as I felt the corner of the block jab into my ribs and leg. There is a reason Joe nicknamed me “Grace” on the show! I know I have to get up and continue.

It’s between Jackson and Gina as the final blocks are placed. Jackson pleads to the rest of that cast that he should go home. He believes that Gina needs a redemption week and that he would thrive off the ranch. We respect Jackson’s wishes and save Gina – but that wasn’t the end. Jackson had to choose someone to join him. Now Jackson AND Jeff will begin the week facing their fear of leaving the ranch.  This changed the tone for the whole week! (more…)

A Challenge for Camraderie and New Love in Biggest Loser’s Week 8

For those of you who don’t know, ONDerland is the seemingly mystical place of weighing in the one hundreds for all the contestants.  Tonight was my night to hit that goal! Last week I weighed 201…

Another mystery… we walk into the gym and something isn’t right. Allison Sweeney is here and she always has a twist – Work Together.  If we can collectively lose 70 pounds or more this week EVERYONE gets immunity!! Plus, THE KIDS ARE BACK!! Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo take on the fitness challenge again to help us lower our 70-pound goal to 60. They answered four of the five nutrition questions right and BLEW all five fitness tests out of the water. This reduced our weekly goal to 61 pounds!

The Challenge: we had to dig our way through several sand mounds to find pieces of a flagpole. We then had to assemble the flagpole and hoist it up at the end of the pier. We finished the challenge with only five seconds to spare – that gives us ten more pounds off our goal! Now, we only had to collectively lose 51 pounds. (more…)

Exclusive Interviews with Biggest Loser Teens Who Return to Ranch in Week 8

Tonight brings episode 8 of the Biggest Loser Season 14, and we couldn’t be more excited. The kids are returning to the ranch for more one-on-one time with the trainers and the remaining contestants.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny today, and they were anything but kids to us with their grown-up perspectives and mature outlook on their Biggest Loser experience. Here’s what they had to say.

What was your biggest fear or worry before joining the show?

Biingo: I guess my biggest fear was just thinking about how hard it would be. But I was excited to experience it. I thought it would be hard to change my habits and exercise more.

How has your interaction with the trainers been?

Lindsay: In the beginning the exercising and dieting was really hard for me. I was never used to eating in small portions. I’d tell Dolvett, “No, I don’t want to eat in small portions. It’s too hard for me.” But now my body is used to exercising and eating healthy things like natural sugar instead of processed sugar.

Biingo: All the trainers are really great, honestly. They help me and the other kids a lot. Unfortunately, there is still the whole difference of us being in our homes and them being far away. (more…)