Danni Allen and Jeff Nichols are Finalists for Biggest Loser 14

Can you believe it is the last week on the ranch? Where did those eleven weeks go? I want to take the start of this blog to thank all my family, friends and fans for all the AMAZING support. WOW, my heart melts each week as I read messages from people who are truly inspiring. There is no better feeling than knowing so many people have your back. THANK YOU!

This was probably the most emotionally trying week on the ranch. I think my favorite part was being able to sit with Jillian and watch my journey. When the song “This Girl is on Fire” played my eyes just completely welled up. Jillian themed that song for me and I am just so privileged to take on that role! How far I’ve come still shocks me and I think it will continue to shock me. This just shows NEVER GIVE UP! I was the last remaining White Team member – I did it and no one can take that away from me!

It would not be a completed season without the “add the weight” challenge. And boy did they do it up this time… Climbing up a mountain adding on 84 pounds! Are you kidding me? It was incredible how challenging this was. A mere 11 weeks ago I was carrying all this weight around EVERY DAY! This puts so many things into perspective – how trying weight is on your body! As I struggle up the hill, each week becomes quite nostalgic as I remember how hard I worked to take every pound off. Though I busted my butt up this hill, Joe finally got his wish. For the first time in the show, Joe beat me and won a one-pound advantage for the weigh in. Pressure is on!

My visit with Dr. Huizenga was the BEST part of the week! Did he say that of all the contestants he was most proud of me? I broke Biggest Loser records! HOLY COW! My favorite news was hearing I put on nineteen pounds of muscle – that means, at this point, I have lost over ONE HUNDRED pounds of fat. When I saw those before and after pictures I was SHOCKED! I think I am FINALLY on the verge of wearing my first bikini!

And then, I did it!! I am a GUARANTEED a finalist spot – finishing in the #1 position on the ranch and the ONLY female competing for Season 14’s Biggest Loser. This just goes to show it’s not how you start, its how you finish!

Jeff and I both lost 11 pounds, confirming us as finalists. America will vote between Joe and Jackson and one of them will join us on stage for this season’s final three. Gina was the final elimination of the season and she went home with her head high and a lot to be proud of.

I am more excited than words can express. I am so humbled by all the support I have received and I can’t wait for next week’s live finale! I will give it everything I’ve got to try and become Season 14’s Biggest Loser! I cannot wait to bust through my old picture and show America what hard work can do! If I can do it, you can, too!

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