Gina McDonald Wins the Biggest Loser 14 At-Home Title with 46% Total Weight Loss

It was an incredibly close race for the at-home title this year, but in the end, Gina McDonald’s loss of 113 pounds sent her home $100,000 richer! She was consistently the Biggest Loser in the house’s weekly weigh-ins, so it’s no surprise that the pint-sized contestant from the South cashed in at the final weigh in.

Gina joined Biggest Loser weighing 245 pounds, the third heaviest woman in the house. But she’s leaving as the second smallest! Her final weight was 132 pounds, with a total percentage of weight loss of 46.12. If she’d made it in to the finals, Danni Allen still would have won the grand prize, but marginally. There’s only a .78 percent difference between Gina’s weight and Danni’s finale weight of 137 pounds.

While she dominated on the scale this season, Gina left most of the challenge wins to Danni. However, that fateful face your fears challenge granted her immunity and a week on the ranch that otherwise would have sent her home.

She was known as this season’s crier and went head to head with Bob and Jillian on more than one occasion, but it was clear tonight that they put those issues behind them as they celebrated the tremendous change Gina has made for her self, for her health.

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