Danni Allen Wins Biggest Loser Season 14 by One Pound, Continuing the Pink Team Legacy

On Biggest Loser, it pays to be pink. Tonight, Danni Allen walked in to the Biggest Loser live finale as the most dominate contestant this season, and upheld that title as she won the Biggest Loser title for season 14. With a starting weight of 258 pounds and a finale weight of 137, with a total loss of 121 pounds. That’s a 46% loss of her body weight! It’s the kind of weight loss that will not only change her life, but people everywhere inspired and touched by her story and journey.

Danni Allen’s Best and Worst Moments of Biggest Loser 14

“Never underestimate the courage and strength of a woman who has found her inner fire, especially if she’s wearing PINK,” said Ali Vincent, the first female winner of Biggest Loser and host of Live Big! “Of course Danni WON!”

During her 11 weeks on the ranch, Danni won all but two challenges and lost a total of 95 pounds before heading home to finish her journey on her own. She was the underdog almost from the start, quickly one of only three people on Jillian Michaels‘ team and the only remaining white team member by week 5. It was daunting but not discouraging and the 26-year-old used that adversity to power through week after week, win after win.

Each week, Danni shared her exclusive recaps right here at DietsInReview, and gave an inside look at her personal journey on the ranch. The highs and lows of each episode were able to show Danni’s genuine love and appreciation for the opportunity in her hands. In her parting recap as she left the ranch, Danni told us, “I cannot wait to bust through my old picture and show America what hard work can do! If I can do it, you can, too!”

We congratulate Danni Allen on her win, continuing the legacy of Biggest Loser’s pink teams, but most of all on the first steps in to a new life she worked so hard for. She deserves all that lies ahead of her. This girl is absolutely on fire, and everyone will be well advised to get out of her way.

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