A Challenge for Camraderie and New Love in Biggest Loser’s Week 8

For those of you who don’t know, ONDerland is the seemingly mystical place of weighing in the one hundreds for all the contestants.  Tonight was my night to hit that goal! Last week I weighed 201…

Another mystery… we walk into the gym and something isn’t right. Allison Sweeney is here and she always has a twist – Work Together.  If we can collectively lose 70 pounds or more this week EVERYONE gets immunity!! Plus, THE KIDS ARE BACK!! Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo take on the fitness challenge again to help us lower our 70-pound goal to 60. They answered four of the five nutrition questions right and BLEW all five fitness tests out of the water. This reduced our weekly goal to 61 pounds!

The Challenge: we had to dig our way through several sand mounds to find pieces of a flagpole. We then had to assemble the flagpole and hoist it up at the end of the pier. We finished the challenge with only five seconds to spare – that gives us ten more pounds off our goal! Now, we only had to collectively lose 51 pounds.

Before I get to the weigh in, I want to talk about some of the “behind the scenes” events. There is always more to every story. As we saw last week, Jeff seeming went back on his word and voted Michael off. What I think we all realized tonight was that the bond between Francelina and Jeff was one of the strongest in the house. Therefore, Jeff’s worst-case scenario would be having Michael and Francelina in the bottom two; we all knew that. I was proud of Jeff for putting what was best for him first. Francelina was one of, if not THE hardest worker in that house and she helped push everyone to the next level – especially Jeff. They are two amazing, strong people and I am happy that they found each other. Their couple nickname – Dulce de Leche!

This brings me to this week’s weigh-in. Did we work together enough to collectively lose51 pounds so no one had to leave? I am first to weigh in, which is a shock to me as the show always seems to keep me in suspense. I knew that I had to lose seven pounds in order to be safe from elimination and do my part for the team. But even BIGGER, my chance for ONEderland!! The numbers scroll… SEVEN POUNDS!! I used to be a ‘practical’ thinker and the impossible things were not meant for someone like me – ERASE THAT THOUGHT.  I am finally saying “Why NOT me!” If you put it out there, anything can happen and I think I proved that tonight.

Unfortunately everyone wasn’t as successful in this week’s weight loss and one person fell below the Red Line. Unfortunately, the Biggest Loser Family has to say goodbye to Francelina. She is truly an amazing person, beautiful inside and out. I think I can speak for everyone when I say “I can’t wait to see that girl at finale!”

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