1,431 Pounds Lost: Biggest Loser 14’s Final Before and After Photos

The confetti has fallen, the weight has been lost, and another group of contestants fall in to the Biggest Loser history books. It’s a wrap for Biggest Loser 14 – with Danni Allen named the winner and Gina McDonald claiming the at-home prize. This might have been the Challenge America season, publicity wise, but it was the season of redemption as far as fans were concerned. From where we’re sitting, the producers stepped up and delivered.

Tonight, these 15 contestants lost 1,431 pounds combined. Collectively they entered the ranch weighing 4,296 pounds – or more than two ton! They lost the weight in 11 weeks on the ranch and just over eight weeks at home. They proved that while having world-class trainers in a fitness-focused environment may help pounds melt off of your body, the real work is done at home. It’s most impressive when it’s done at home.

We adored this cast, just as many of you at home did. They seemed to embody the soul of Biggest Loser. We can’t recall a single fight or melodramatic moment this season. None of the catty, game-play, back-stabbing events that typically fuel mid-week teasers made an appearance. We saw people like Danni, Jackson, Michael, TC, and Francelina touch the hearts, inspire the minds, and fuel the motivation of millions at home.

Say one last goodbye to one of the best casts this show has ever had, and celebrate each pound that they let us watch disappear.

Danni Allen: Starting Weight 258, Final Weight 137, Total Loss -121 / 46.9%

Biggest Loser 14 Winner

Gina McDonald: Starting Weight 245, Final Weight 132, Total Loss -113 / 46.12

Biggest Loser 14 At-Home Winner

Jeff Nichols: Starting Weight 388, Final Weight 207, Total Loss -181 / 46.65%

Joe Ostaszewski: Starting Weight 364, Final Weight 217, Total Loss -147 / 40.38%

Jackson Carter: Starting Weight 328, Final Weight 190, Total Loss -138 / 42.07%

Lisa Rambo: Starting Weight 246, Final Weight 138, Total Loss -108 / 43.9%

Francelina Morillo: Starting Weight 267, Final Weight 172, Total Loss -95 / 35.58%

Pam Geil: Starting Weight 237, Final Weight 166, Total Loss -71 / 29.96%

Nathan Montgomery: Starting Weight 359, Final Weight 260, Total Loss -99 / 27.58%

TC Pool: Starting Weight 376, Final Weight 266, Total Loss -110 / 29.26%

Alex Reid: Starting Weight 240, Final Weight 156, Total Loss -84 / 35.00%

Michael Dorsey: Starting Weight 444, Final Weight 308, Total Loss -136 / 30.63%

Cate Laughlan: Starting Weight 237, Final Weight 173, Total Loss -64 / 27.00%

David Jones: Starting Weight 307, Final Weight 205, Total Loss -102 / 33.22% (photo unavailable)

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