Exclusive Interviews with Biggest Loser Teens Who Return to Ranch in Week 8

Tonight brings episode 8 of the Biggest Loser Season 14, and we couldn’t be more excited. The kids are returning to the ranch for more one-on-one time with the trainers and the remaining contestants.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny today, and they were anything but kids to us with their grown-up perspectives and mature outlook on their Biggest Loser experience. Here’s what they had to say.

What was your biggest fear or worry before joining the show?

Biingo: I guess my biggest fear was just thinking about how hard it would be. But I was excited to experience it. I thought it would be hard to change my habits and exercise more.

How has your interaction with the trainers been?

Lindsay: In the beginning the exercising and dieting was really hard for me. I was never used to eating in small portions. I’d tell Dolvett, “No, I don’t want to eat in small portions. It’s too hard for me.” But now my body is used to exercising and eating healthy things like natural sugar instead of processed sugar.

Biingo: All the trainers are really great, honestly. They help me and the other kids a lot. Unfortunately, there is still the whole difference of us being in our homes and them being far away.

Sunny: I’ve definitely enjoyed being able to interact with all three trainers in the show. They are experts in their fields and have helped me a lot. It hasn’t been easy changing my life, but to know that they are there behind me, supporting me has made a huge difference.

Biingo, can you tell us about the sports club you started? How is that going?

Biingo: It’s going good. It’s kind of changed a little. A lot of me and my friends just hang out now. We meet up whenever and play basketball at the gym, because it’s cold outside.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far since joining the Biggest Loser?

Lindsay:  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is even though you don’t like exercising, just do an hour of exercise. Knowing that I had to cut down the portions was a big lesson to me as well. If you eat smaller portions and you exercise, your body will get fit and healthier instead of being that kid who doesn’t have the ability to do what normal teenagers can do.

Sunny:  I think that the biggest lesson I’ve learned is planning and managing my time. Being a junior in high school and having to deal with all those other things kids deal with along with having to lose weight on the show has been a lot. For example, yesterday I went shopping with some friends. By pre-planning and bringing my own snacks I didn’t end up overeating and eating unhealthy snacks at the mall. It’s all about making sure you plan ahead.

Lindsay, you shared that you really want to be a cheerleader even though some of the squad had been mean to you in the past. What made you still want to be a cheerleader despite those interactions?

Lindsay: Everyone has a negative interaction when they really love something. Before Biggest Loser I was overweight and I had pre-diabetes and that was really hard for me. Girls would whisper and laugh at me, and I’d turn to food for comfort. But knowing that the high school girls have more confidence and they’re grown up,  they understand that bullying other girls isn’t nice.

Sunny, we loved seeing the breakthrough you had with your mom on the show. How are things going now?

Sunny: Things are going a lot better. Now that I’ve opened up and started communicating with my mom it’s a lot easier to tell her what I’m feeling. By taking that stress and pressure off of me it helps to make better choices, because I tend to make bad choices and overeat when I get stressed out.

What do you think it will take for kids your age get healthier? What changes need to happen?

Lindsay: First, to buy the Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right program, so they know what’s bad for them. The second thing is to get an hour of exercise every day, or even two hours or play with your dogs. I guess that would help teens my age. Also, parents, don’t buy everything your child asks you to. You should show them how vegetables are good for them; show your kids the nutrition they need.

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