Tim Gunn Styles the Biggest Loser Makeovers in Week 10

Was this not the BEST episode so far? I just have to say WOW and ugh WOW to everyone’s transformations! I mean HOW COOL was it to get styled up by Tim Gunn! He was the nicest person, so real and he really knows how to pick out a pair of pants- LOVE IT. Then, being scooted off to Ken Paves’ salon? HELLO!! I think my favorite part of that process was having Ken work on my bangs. He said that these bangs would have attitude and spent very detailed time on them. Both these men have quite the eye!

I think we are the luckiest cast as we get to GO HOME for our makeover reveal.  I cannot wait to show all my friends and family the progress I have made; they will see the new person I have become – inside and out!

I don’t think I slept at all the night before my reveal. I couldn’t wait to have my make up and hair done for the first time AND to see which outfits Tim had picked out for me. When I saw those gold skinny jeans, I about DIED! First of all, they were a size 12, second, HOW HOTT are these? I feel like a movie star!

As we pull up to Viper Alley (host of my reveal) my heart is racing; the anticipation is building and I can hear familiar voices chanting my name. All I can think is DON’T TRIP! This is my moment- Live it and Love it! I burst out on stage and I see SO many people. But dead center, I see my mom, sister, dad and grandma. They are the first I run to! Here come the water works! My whole family, friends, co-workers and more came to see and support me! It is hard to speak through floods of emotion, but I just have to tell everyone THANK YOU. Knowing that I had all this support at home was what got me through my hardest days on the Ranch.

Of course this couldn’t be all fun and games; Ali issued us TWO challenges. One, I would have to host a workout for my community; two, if I could lose 5% of my weight I would get IMMUNITY for the next week. That means I have to lose ten pounds. I did it last week, why not this week?

The best way to start my immunity challenge was to host a workout at Mundelein High School, my alma mater. But I didn’t do it alone- I had the FABULOUS Olivia Ward help me motivate and challenge my community. We had a GREAT workout that consisted of squats, jumping jacks, lunges and rolling supermans. Bring on the sweat! Who says you need a gym to workout?

Before I knew it, it was time to go back to the ranch. With the support of my family and friends, I KNOW I hit my goal. AND I DID! The whole Fab Five blew it out of the water and ALL made it one more week!

Tune in for the last week on the ranch next week, and then don’t miss the live finale on March 18!

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