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Reebok Loses $25 Million Lawsuit Over Toning Shoes

Reebok, one of the premiere shoe companies on the planet, is getting a boot in their butt from the legal system for false fitness claims. The now-famous toning shoes on the market claim to tone your legs and behind while you walk. The Federal Trade Commission begs to differ, and now Reebok is paying $25 million in damages.

“The FTC wants national advertisers to understand that they must exercise some responsibility and ensure that their claims for fitness gear are supported by sound science,” said David Vladeck, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of consumer protection.

The FTC says that there isn’t enough scientific proof to support the claim that walking in the EasyTone shoes or running in RunTone shoes can shape your legs and butt.

Ads began in 2021 with very specific claims, claims that the FTC says don’t hold up: (more…)

Leggings Unfairly Blamed for Causing Weight Gain

Rumors are circulating that leggings can make you fat. If this were true, I wouldn’t be able to leave my house without the assistance of a team of paramedics cutting a hole in my wall.

Can clothes really make you gain weight? We all know that clothes making you thinner is a big marketing gimmick right now, however true it may or may not be (*cough* still not convinced *cough*), but some are saying tight, stretchy pants like leggings and jeggings (a cross between jeans and leggings) can make you pack on the pounds.

If you’re wondering what the possible connection between the two could be, join the club, but London physiotherapist Sammy Margo told the Daily Mail that leggings cause muscles to become “lazy”. “They hold in and support the quadriceps (thigh muscles), buttocks and core muscles in your tummy, and do the job the muscles are supposed to do,” Margo has said. “As a result, the muscles are allowed to relax and switch off, so when we reveal our bodies for the first time as summer approaches, they are not as svelte or firm as they otherwise would be,” she added.

Um, what?


Reebok EasyTone Launches New Clothing Line

Image via Reebok.com

Reebok may just be trailblazing a new era in women’s fitness fashion – clothing that looks good and inspires you to move with more intention.

Reebok EasyTone is best known for their their line of toning shoes, which are specially designed to tone a woman’s rear, calves and thigh muscles and improve posture.

Just recently, the fitness giant launched a new line of women’s fitness apparel that features the same toning capabilities as its super popular, bum-slimming shoes.

According to Reebok, “the new EasyTone Apparel Collection is an innovative performance line that uses Resistone bands to create resistance as you move. Designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles and improve posture and body alignment, EasyTone tops can be worn to work out or under everyday clothing.” (more…)