Reebok EasyTone Launches New Clothing Line

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Reebok may just be trailblazing a new era in women’s fitness fashion – clothing that looks good and inspires you to move with more intention.

Reebok EasyTone is best known for their their line of toning shoes, which are specially designed to tone a woman’s rear, calves and thigh muscles and improve posture.

Just recently, the fitness giant launched a new line of women’s fitness apparel that features the same toning capabilities as its super popular, bum-slimming shoes.

According to Reebok, “the new EasyTone Apparel Collection is an innovative performance line that uses Resistone bands to create resistance as you move. Designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles and improve posture and body alignment, EasyTone tops can be worn to work out or under everyday clothing.”

While the Reebok EasyTone clothing line is, for now, limited to a handful of pieces, you can still create a complete workout outfit. Included in the line right now the EasyTone Short Sleeve Top, EasyTone Long Bra Top, and the EasyTone Pant.

The shirts come in three colors: pink, blue and black. The pants are available in black.  All three styles feature Resistone bans, which create resistance as you move. The shirt is designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles, improve posture and better body alignment. In addition, the shirts and pants feature Reebok’s own Play Dry technology, which moves moisture away from your skin. It accelerates evaporation, increases ventilation and reduces chaffing. And it doesn’t trap the heat inside.

The short sleeve and bra top top runs $55 and the pants run $80.

There are no specific instructions on what kinds of fitness forms that are best worn for, but from the looks of it, the EasyTone Apparel Collection can probably support any kind of a workout from jogging to yoga and from a game of tennis to a spinning class.

The fitness experts at have not had a chance to test out the new EasyTone clothing, but if you have, we’ d love to hear your thoughts!

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