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DIY Flavor: The Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (or Window)


Have you ever considered getting into the whole herb gardening thing? I certainly have, but as always, I need a strong resource to wrap my mind around what is the easiest and most beneficial thing to grow at home. I didn’t find this quickie guide, so I did the research and created one for us all. It turns out herb gardening is easy and a super healthy and cost-effective way to add heapings of extra flavor to your food. Here are the best greens to grow in an indoor or outdoor herb garden. All you need to get started are a few pots, a little bit of soil and some seeds! 



Basil is super easy to grow at home. All you need is some seeds and the sunlight. Basil is so versatile—use it in soups and salads or make pesto with it. It works great in Italian dishes (obviously) and it can add a fun flavor blast to stirfrys too! Basil is also awesome for clearing your skin and mellowing your stress. Who knew?

Try it in a summery peach caprese salad! (more…)

How to Cook with Sage

Even for beginner-level cooks, sage is a beautiful and robust herb that should be introduced into recipes early on in the experimenting process. This soft, leafy herb has a woodsy, slightly sweet and minty aroma and infuses dishes with a distinct flavor that screams all-things Thanksgiving. In addition to making dishes taste wonderful, sage also adds much nutritional value. The following notes are just a few reasons why you should start incorporating this unique into your recipes today. 

Health benefits: Sage is an incredibly healthy herb that carries a number of nutritional benefits. In fact, according to WorldsHealthiestFoods.com, sage won Herb of the Year in 2022 for its superior health-promoting properties. Sage is in the mint family and claims rosemary as a “sister herb.” It contains many volatile oils, flavonoids, and phenolic acids which boast such benefits as reducing inflammation, fighting free radicals in the body, and improving brain function.

According to AntioxidantsforHealthandLongevity.com, few people know that herbs like sage contain higher concentrations of antioxidants that many common fruits and vegetables. In addition, they contain a wider variety of antioxidants, which makes them one of the top antioxidant food sources available. For ways to sneak more sage into your daily diet, try adding it to dishes like smoothies, dips and soups for a fresh and flavorful spin. (more…)