DIY Flavor: The Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (or Window)


Have you ever considered getting into the whole herb gardening thing? I certainly have, but as always, I need a strong resource to wrap my mind around what is the easiest and most beneficial thing to grow at home. I didn’t find this quickie guide, so I did the research and created one for us all. It turns out herb gardening is easy and a super healthy and cost-effective way to add heapings of extra flavor to your food. Here are the best greens to grow in an indoor or outdoor herb garden. All you need to get started are a few pots, a little bit of soil and some seeds! 



Basil is super easy to grow at home. All you need is some seeds and the sunlight. Basil is so versatile—use it in soups and salads or make pesto with it. It works great in Italian dishes (obviously) and it can add a fun flavor blast to stirfrys too! Basil is also awesome for clearing your skin and mellowing your stress. Who knew?

Try it in a summery peach caprese salad!



Cilantro / Coriander
To grow coriander at home, simply plant the seeds in early spring (so, now!) about 12 inches apart from each other (or group a few together in one pot). Relish in the younger leaves (which is cilantro) or wait until you have full blown coriander to season your meats (or tofu). Cilantro/coriander are high in vitamins K, A, and C. Yum.

Try it in salsa!



Um, obviously mint is a great choice because it grows strong and healthy with sun and plenty of water. (It’s also very invasive so plant it in a pot, not the ground!) What’s mint good for? Pretty much everything. Put it in a mojito, jelly, fruit salad, or a bowl of snap peas. Mint is good for your digestive tracts and supposedly cures nausea and headaches. Worth a try!

Try it in a shamrock shake!



Parsley will grow just about any time you feel like planting it, except maybe when there’s snow on the ground. It is a good accompaniment for meat, fish, soups, casseroles, and everything in between, and it also looks good on a plate if you’re into serving picture-perfect food. Parsley is super rich in antioxidants and some people say it even helps improve your breath.

Try it with toasted farro!



Like its herb-y buddies, sage is delicious as a complement to any savory meal. Sage grows best in early spring (again, like now!) and has a ton of health benefits. Besides being high in vitamin K, and rich in antioxidants, it is also a memory booster that is rumored to help people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus it smells delicious!

Try it in sweet potato and sage dip!


Rosemary is a hardy herb that gets its flavoring from its spiky, pine-tree-like needles. You can buy a small starter or plant seeds almost any time of year. The plant will last for years and, if you’re lucky, it will grow to become a big beautiful shrub. Fresh or dried rosemary is a common seasoning, especially in hearty and savory dishes, from soups to pasta to meat marinades.

Try it in rosemary skewered chicken with orange glaze!


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