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Health Buzz May 25: Skechers Lawsuit, Glow in the Dark 5K, and a Memorial Weekend Feast

Before you start your Memorial festivities, take some healthy news and Memorial dishes from DIR and our friends.

Mike Crooks Joined a Gym and Lost 133 Pounds 

Mike Crooks is a 24-year-old nurse in Florida. Mike had been overweight most of his life, and weighed 377 pounds. He signed up for a membership at a local gym and seven months later Mike dropped down to 204 pounds.

The Glow Run 5K Will Light up the Plains this Summer 

The Glow Run 5K is making its way to the plains. The run will take place at night and runners are encouraged to wear as many glow-in-the-dark items as they want. The event is described as running through a sixty-foot black light tunnel and laser light shows. DIR friends in the Midwest sign up fast, Glow Run 5K will take place in Kansas City, Wichita, and Omaha.

How to Get Your Refund From the $40 Million Skechers Lawsuit 

Looks like Skechers made some false claims about its Shape-Ups. If you purchased Skechers Shape-Ups after August 1, 2024 you may be entitled to a refund from the company. Skechers agreed to pay $40 million to settle the lawsuit. The amount you’ll receive from Skechers depends on the type of shoe and amount of shoes you’ve purchased. (more…)

How to Get Your Refund From the $40 Million Skechers Lawsuit

If you purchased Skechers toning shoes after August 1, 2024 you may be eligible for a refund. Skechers USA has agreed to pay $40 million to settle the case filed again the Federal Trade Commission for making unfounded claims about its Shape-Ups, reporting these shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen their leg and butt muscles.

The amount of each refund will depend on the number and amount of shoes you claim, as well as total number of valid claims filed. The claims are based on the honor system and any claims under $200 will not require a proof of purchase.

According to the FTC’s Facebook page the refund for the Shape-Ups is expected to be $40.00, the Podded sole shoes is $27.00, Tone Ups (non-podded soles) is $20.00, and Resistance Runners is $42.00.

The amounts are currently only estimates and the amount could change based on the number of people who apply for the refund.

The shoes cost roughly between $60 and $100, depending upon the style and sales outlet. (more…)

Skechers Loses $40 Million Lawsuit Over Shape-Ups Shoes

The popular fitness shoe that’s become widely known as the “rocker” has landed one company in a seriously messy class-action lawsuit. Skechers USA Inc., will be forced to pay out $40 million over false advertising claims they made about a variety of their athletic shoes.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed charges against the company after it made unfounded claims about its Shape-ups shoes, saying they would help people lose weight and strengthen their leg and butt muscles.

But the commission says Skechers falsely presented the clinical studies that backed up their claims, stating defects and false reports of consumer weight loss.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke helped make these controversial shoes more popular than ever. And Sketchers reported that despite the false advertising accusations, the company received overwhelming feedback from thousands of customers concerning the positive results they saw with the shoes. (more…)

Skechers Shape Ups for Kids Disturb Parents and Professionals

Skechers Shape Ups shoes for kids has caused quite the controversy since their release, including a petition at change.org to have the line discontinued. Parents and professionals are disturbed that toning shoes are being made for and marketed to elementary school students.

The commercial aimed at young girls seems to be especially concerning to parents. The commercial in question does not specifically say anything about toning, but it does say that these shoes offer “everything a girl could want, looking good, having fun,” with “extra height and bounce,” which, of course, is too good to be true. Parents are concerned that the thin cartoon characters and emphasis on appearance is encouraging unhealthy attitude towards body image in young girls. Parents are also concerned that the commercial contains a shot of boys dressed as junk food following the singer; it certainly is a confusing image. I would be interested to hear what you think this is communicating to young girls?


Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

By Jessie Gorges

This Sunday is Mother’s Day so, this year, don’t get caught waiting until the last minute to only buy your mom some half-dead flowers from the drug store.

Candy and jewelry are common gift ideas, but chocolate will only add inches to your mom’s waist, and, with the skyrocketing price in gold, who can afford jewelry? Show Mom how much you love her and how much you care by getting her a gift that will keep her healthy and happy.

Check out these gift ideas that will put Mom on the right track to living an active lifestyle.

Shape-ups ($100): This gift is perfect for the mom who hates, or doesn’t have time, to go to the gym. These tennis shoes, with an elevated sole, promise to tone your muscles by simply walking. Just a 20-minute walk will have her calves tingling from all the toning.