How to Get Your Refund From the $40 Million Skechers Lawsuit

If you purchased Skechers toning shoes after August 1, 2022 you may be eligible for a refund. Skechers USA has agreed to pay $40 million to settle the case filed again the Federal Trade Commission for making unfounded claims about its Shape-Ups, reporting these shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen their leg and butt muscles.

The amount of each refund will depend on the number and amount of shoes you claim, as well as total number of valid claims filed. The claims are based on the honor system and any claims under $200 will not require a proof of purchase.

According to the FTC’s Facebook page the refund for the Shape-Ups is expected to be $40.00, the Podded sole shoes is $27.00, Tone Ups (non-podded soles) is $20.00, and Resistance Runners is $42.00.

The amounts are currently only estimates and the amount could change based on the number of people who apply for the refund.

The shoes cost roughly between $60 and $100, depending upon the style and sales outlet.

There will undoubtedly be those who take advantage of this system and lay false claims. Dana Barragate, an Federal Trade Commission attorney, acknowledged in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that some dishonest people will no doubt try to game the system and apply for a partial refund for shoes they didn’t buy.

“But we think most consumers are honest,” Barragate said. (She noted that the process requires claimants to file and sign documents with the federal government swearing that they’re telling the truth.) “We want consumers who legitimately purchased this product to get a refund if they want one.”

You can file for the refund at 

The court has not yet approved the settlement and it must be approved before any refunds are issued. As of now there is no set date on when the Court could finalize the settlement. There is also no end date to the claim period but at some point an end date will be set, so don’t wait too long to file your claim.

Skechers president Michael Greenberg defended the shoes and said the only reason the company settled was to avoid the legal fees of fighting the lawsuit and has denied any wrongdoing.

You can also go to the Skechers Settlement Facebook page for more information.

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Robbie Pate says:

I have only been wearing regular sketchers. I was walking on the floor and I fell and broke four ribs and hit my head and had a three inch cut in my head. I tried another pair and I almost tripped again. I will not bring sketchers ever again!!!!!

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