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Smoothie King’s I am 1 Campaign to Pay it Forward in 2023

Smoothie King is taking extra steps to help people stick to and meet their New Year fitness goals. Their new Am1 campaign has been designed to support customers in their fight to stay fit in the New Year and beyond.

IAm1 will initially be launched through a microsite. At the IAM1 site, users are encouraged to share their Smoothie King weight loss success stories. The company then will “Pay it Forward” and support a guest who has shared their weight loss struggle.

Smoothie King will be giving chances for those struggling to receive one month of personal training, new workout shoes, or retail products. All guests who submit a success or struggle story, along with an image, will receive a free Lean1 smoothie, Smoothie King’s new meal replacement smoothie that helps the body burn fat.

The IAm1 Campaign will also be supported on Facebook. Fans can share their healthy plans for 2023 and get a chance to win a year of free smoothies.

Smoothie King’s Fall Fit Campaign Can Score You a Small Waist and Super Bowl Tickets

The holidays are officially here. Once those giant bags of candy hit the shelf, a war has been waged with our waistlines! Smoothie King wants to help you battle that war this season and has some great incentives to keep you fighting the good fight!

From now until December 18, 2023, Smoothie King is running its Fall Fit Campaign sweepstakes. The campaign is focused on motivating people to make better food choices and get moving this fall season.

For accountability, Smoothie King is challenging people to sign the “Oath of Oh Yes You Can” on their Facebook Fanpage. Signing the oath is a pledge to stay fit and it’s also an entry for their grand prize: two tickets to Super Bowl XLVI plus $1,000 for travel.

There’s more than just an oath and a prize entry, though. Additionally, Smoothie King has partnered with Journey Gym to provide health tips and motivation. Journey Gym, also known as the “laptop of fitness,” is a complete, lightweight, and compact universal gym. The health partners will also be giving away 10 Journey Gyms to lucky participants.


We Love Smoothie King’s New Lean 1 Smoothie

There are many misconceptions when it comes to “health food” or “diet food.” One of the biggest falsehoods is in regards to the health claims of smoothies. Smoothies can be healthy, and they can also be loaded with sugar and higher in calories than ice cream sundaes.

Recently, Smoothie King released a smoothie designed to be healthy and lite. The LEAN 1 smoothie has made some tall claims and may be one of the few on the market that can live up to those assertions.

Knowing that most smoothies are just fancied up milkshakes, I was intrigued by the statement Smoothie King made about their new product.

“Lean 1 is the first-ever smoothie designed specifically to help you lose fat, curb hunger and tone muscle. It’s the perfect pre/post workout companion delivering 20-30 grams of premium protein. It boosts energy levels, fights hunger cravings, speeds muscle recovery and only 300 calories. Lean 1 is the healthy portable option to a meal or snack on the go.”