We Love Smoothie King’s New Lean 1 Smoothie

There are many misconceptions when it comes to “health food” or “diet food.” One of the biggest falsehoods is in regards to the health claims of smoothies. Smoothies can be healthy, and they can also be loaded with sugar and higher in calories than ice cream sundaes.

Recently, Smoothie King released a smoothie designed to be healthy and lite. The LEAN 1 smoothie has made some tall claims and may be one of the few on the market that can live up to those assertions.

Knowing that most smoothies are just fancied up milkshakes, I was intrigued by the statement Smoothie King made about their new product.

“Lean 1 is the first-ever smoothie designed specifically to help you lose fat, curb hunger and tone muscle. It’s the perfect pre/post workout companion delivering 20-30 grams of premium protein. It boosts energy levels, fights hunger cravings, speeds muscle recovery and only 300 calories. Lean 1 is the healthy portable option to a meal or snack on the go.”

The Lean 1 smoothie comes in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The 20 oz. servings are all under 300 calories. The ingredient list for the chocolate Lean 1 simply says “Bananas, almonds, and Lean1 Chocolate,” but the ingredients in the Lean 1 formulas are comprised of many natural elements. The chocolate blend, for example, is largely made of dried fruits and vegetables.

After I researched the ingredients I began to have a bit more faith in the claims. After sampling a smoothie, I’d recommend it. It tasted great. It was obvious that there were just a few simple ingredients as I could taste them all. The vanilla flavor listed bananas, and I got small bits of real bananas. If you hate that many products call themselves smoothies, but use a mixture of fruit concentrates and syrups to create a flavor, you’ll be pleased to know you won’t find that with the Lean 1 smoothie.

But the real test is could a 300 calorie “drink” replace my lunch and not leave me starving? I really did feel full. Also, by the time dinner came around, I was actually less hungry than I am with a normal lunch. That alone sold me. I hope they keep these on their menu permanently.

I typically avoid smoothies because they are rarely healthy. I even avoid the high quality smoothie joints because most smoothies are just too high in calories for me. If I was a body builder, I could see supplementing with a high nutrient and higher calorie “snack.” But for us average Joes, we can’t get away with a 500 calorie drink. However, the Lean 1 makes a great sensible meal on the go that is also healthy.

Although Smoothie King provided Lacy with product for this review, it in no way effected her opinion.

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Aziz Zeid says:

I’m 8 weeks out from a pro bodybuilding show. I have been on stage more than 16 times. Currently I’m at 3.8% body fat and about a hundred and ninety four pounds probably the best competing condition I have ever been in. So when I decided to so when I decided to get a smoothie AKA lean one I was a little hesitant. So I specified no sugar, no added fruit and only almonds for some necessary fats the body needs to transport nutrients needless to say every couple of weeks during my first 8 weeks of control nutrition I had to smoothies, and I honestly believe it peaked my condition giving me the necessary carbs vitamins and proteins in just the right consistency as far as the other I’m not sure but I know this in the offseason Gladiator should do pack a punch then they will put the weight on you so if you’re not looking to gain weight lean one with no sugar

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