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Healthy Buzz: Sarah Palin’s Cookie Gate, Truth About McRib and 2020 Fitness Trends

Sarah Palin Bashes Healthy Snacks

It’s being called “cookie gate” as the former Alaskan governor mocks efforts by Pennsylvania’s board of education to reduce childhood obesity.

The Real Origins of the McRib

We couldn’t make up this kind of food science experiment if we wanted to. Hear from McDonald’s exactly how this 500-calorie pop culture sandwich is made.

Use Your Body as Effective Fitness Equipment

Your body weight propels you through walking, swimming, yoga and so much more. Put that weight to work to really get the most out of your strength training workouts – no free weights needed!

Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook Releases

Chef Devin Alexander, the book’s author, calls it the first all-natural dessert cookbook. Its pages are filled in guiltless indulgences inspired by the Biggest Loser diet.

We Love Sonny & Joe’s. Plus, a Big ‘Ole Hummus Giveaway

***Winners were chosen and notified***

It’s one of the most popular and trendy foods around right now. And while some food trends have no redeeming qualities, hummus is one that’s really good for you. Low in calories, very high in fiber and protein, it’s versatile enough to be a condiment, snack or meal.

We’re big fans of Sonny & Joe’s brand. That’s why we’re giving some away. In fact, three people stand to win this Mediterranean treat prize pack!

Three winners will each receive a variety of Sonny & Joe’s products, valued at $19.95:

  • 3 Sonny & Joe’s hummus flavors: Just, Galilee and Buffalo
  • 2 Sonny & Joe’s ganush flavors: Just and Galilee

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Read on to learn more about Sonny & Joe’s and get some delicious hummus-inspired recipes. (more…)